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Embracing the Melodrama Part II #42: An American Hippie In Israel (dir by Amos Sefer)

I had to rewatch the 1972 film An American Hippie In Israel before I understood that it’s one of the best films ever made.  I know that may seem like a bold statement.   1,058 more words


Johnny Depp Acts (!!!!) In This Trailer For Black Mass!

Here’s the first trailer for Black Mass, the upcoming film in which Johnny Depp plays notorious Boston crime boss and most wanted fugitive, Whitey Bulger.   37 more words


Here's the third trailer for Tomorrowland!

Dammit, is Tomorrowland going to be any good or not?  A third trailer for the film was released yesterday and I still can’t make up my mind.   31 more words


Embracing the Melodrama Part II #39: Maybe I'll Come Home In The Spring (dir by Joseph Sargent)

Way back in January, I was looking for something to have playing on TV in the background while I cleaned the house.  I went from station to station until I finally came across a movie that I had never seen before.   675 more words


Embracing the Melodrama Part II #33: Reflections in a Golden Eye (dir by John Huston)

For the past two weeks, I’ve been reviewing, in chronological order, 126 cinematic melodramas.  I started in the 1920s with Sunrise and Wings and now, 33 reviews later, we have finally reached the end of the 1960s.   659 more words


Embracing the Melodrama Part II #32: The Sidehackers (dir by Gus Trikonis)

Why the Hell am I reviewing The Sidehackers, a rather terrible film from 1969?

A lot of it is because The Sidehackers is famous for being featured in an episode of… 808 more words


Embracing the Melodrama Part II #29: Pretty Poison (dir by Noel Black)

“I don’t care if critics like it; I hated it.  I can’t like or be objective about films I had a terrible time doing.”

— Tuesday Weld on… 703 more words