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Super Strength Humic Acid: Good Soil Conditioner for your Lawn

Do you want a healthy and green lawn or garden? Does your soil is rich in organic matter and nutrients to keep your lawn and garden looking greener and healthier? 305 more words

Humic Acid

Liquid Humic Acid Supply – A Great Organic Soil Amendment

Do you need readily availableorganic matter to amend your poor lawn or garden soil? Do you want to improve bio-activity, soil structure, aeration and nutrient retention? 332 more words

Humic Acid

Good Quality Liquid Aeration Solutions

Lawn care specialists often recommend homeowners to use “plugging” or “coring” machine for aeration of their lawns. It seems like a good practice for thick lawns and helps open the pores so that lawns or plant roots can breathe properly. 511 more words

Humic Acid

How We Use Seaweed In The Garden

Someone asked me in a comment how we use seaweed in the garden.  It is too much info for a brief reply, so here is my post on the subject.   939 more words

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Organic Insect Repellent to Repel Unwanted Garden Pests

Gardeners have long been using the power of natural scents to keep harmful garden pests away from their plants and lawns. There are organic insect repellents available that make use of these scents to keep the yard safe. 259 more words

Humic Acid

Top Reasons for Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer This Season

Fertilizers serve as source of food for your garden or lawn. They offer basic micro-nutrients and minerals that plants need to survive but which may not necessarily be present in your soil. 428 more words

Humic Acid

Biological Lawn Dethatcher and Fertilizer for Organic Soil Improvement

Thatch buildup is a sign of a poor microbial activity in the soil. Lack of aeration, excess production of nitrogen, or poor mowing practices may give rise to a thatch condition in your lawn. 298 more words