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A tale of two lipsticks

Though I am “older”, in my 40s, I am not one to shy away from a nice, bright, happy lipstick. I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable at my age wearing the blues, greens and purples that are hot right now, but the pinker, brighter the red and the more orange and I’m all over it. 301 more words

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hello my lovely bloggers <3 Today I decided to bring yet another makeup related post :) I hardly ever wear makeup, but I still like to keep several necessities in a small makeup bag just in case. 353 more words


Kylee Jenner lips in seconds!!!

The big craze right now is Kylie Jenners lips. We have all talked about them, and a lot of us even want them. Some women are over lining their lips, which is definitely a great way to get full lips… but a lot of girls out there don’t like the way lipstick looks on them. 152 more words

The Kylie Jenner Challenge Is The Newest Stupid Teen Internet Trend

The latest trend of teenagers doing something stupid on the internet is the Kylie Jenner Challenge, something that could lead to infection and loss of sensation in lips. 289 more words

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Selena Gomez

So many were sexy – couldn’t stop at one. 8 more words

Kiss Face

Classic 50's Inspired Look

When I think of a classic makeup look I think of red lips and winged liner, so that’s what I went for today.

These aren’t all the products that I used, but just some that I thought were worth mentioning. 208 more words