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Why celebrity culture is infecting the minds of young women.

The above images ( left – right) show Kylie Jenner before and after undergoing surgery to have fuller lips and a slimmer nose. The 17 year old celeb is a member of the Kardashian family and is the youngest member out of the clan. 873 more words

A Light Reading: Nude Lips

Everyone has seen the revival of the bright red lips, with celebrities such as Rita Ora pouting in a statement colour. But it seems that there is a more subtle trend that is rocking the beauty world, one that is hard to pull off but gives amazing results. 105 more words


Episode 305: I've Had Enough Of Your Lip Kylie Jenner!

Celebrities sometimes have a lot to answer for. Many of them are role models to our young and impressionable who want to ‘fit in.’ They think that by emulating some of their idols behaviour they too will be popular and successful, even if it makes them look ridiculous! 222 more words


How to choose and wear your lipstick?

Your lips to steal impressions should be soft, juicy and bright. So I followed 6 steps that will help you choose the right lipstick shade… 255 more words

EOS lip-balm review

I have always seen celebrities with the ‘eos balm’ and I used to think to myself ‘what is the hype all about?’ Literally, every celebrity would have a photo of using these balms or they would be promoting them. 181 more words


The Game Changing Gloss

My name is Coleen…and I’m a lipstick addict. I’m not ashamed to admit it; I’ve fallen deep down into the depths of lipstick nirvana and I love it. 316 more words

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Kylie Jenner lip challenge

why are all these girls trying the kylie Jenner lip challenge??? I know they want bigger fuller lips but this is not the way to do it !!! 191 more words