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Are you seeing stripes?

Zebras are fascinating creatures. They evolve from their ancestors that lived in the United States. Now a day we see them in the wild of Africa. 188 more words


Lion...king of the jungle

Lions are truly great animals. Why else would they be called the king of the jungle? A male lion is called what else then a lion and those are the ones with the big manes. 148 more words


Off to the Serengeti (February 2015) and a bush bathroom.

After  early lunch we made are way out of the Crater on our way to the Central Serengeti. The road is bumpy and long so use the restroom before you depart.The only restrooms on the way are the ones you make.   257 more words


Little Decisions. Big Impact.

I hope I don’t speak too soon, but it’s one of those rare moments in my house when all 3 of my boys are napping at the same time. 625 more words

Christian Living

Roar. Calling all my fellow writers...

There are many animals strewn across my abode. None of them are actually in the land of the living, but until the day the boy and I commit to a feline sidekick, I am muddling through with the inanimate creatures of the interior decor kingdom. 216 more words


Hilarious Cautionary Tales for Children

Cautionary Tales for Children is written by Hilaire Belloc and illustrated by Basil T. Blackwood – first published in 1907. This is a hilariously gruesome collection of stories written in verse that hyperbolically describe the dangers of disobedience, misbehaviour, and general character flaws. 385 more words

Illustrated Book

Watch a happy mountain lion have lots of fun playing on a golf course

Doesn’t is warm your heart? To see a beautiful animal having fun in the same place where humans have fun. And there must be something about flagsticks, because… 18 more words