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Boulder yoga

I went to my first yoga class in Boulder yesterday, in a very unlikely and non-Boulder-ish location: an outpost of a commercial gym chain in a revamped old grocery store across the street from my apartment complex and next door to the Walmart. 672 more words

Personal Musings

Litgasm (new word defined) by Carl Terver


A feeling one gets, of ecstasy, when reading a literary work. This feeling – of literary ecstasy – is accompanied with crazy thoughts, where a reader may imagine his or herself virtually jumping out of the window or something like that.

Carl Terver

W is Di-Gamma

There’s no W in ancient Greek.  But there used to be.  It’s called the di-gamma.  (By scholars.  Not sure if that’s what the ancient Greeks would have called it.) 1,200 more words


Whoseddit: Crime-Fighting and Anonymity-Breaking with Forensic Linguistics

“hi lydz its mark”

It was not Mark. MSN Messenger, 2005, the family desktop under the stairs. I’d just had dinner and I was ready to chat. 832 more words

Ana Hnat

Title: Lead Professor for World Languages

Company: Houston Community College System

Location: Houston, Texas

Dr. Ana Hnat has been in charge of the foreign languages department at Houston Community College System for the past 25 years and has been teaching foreign languages since the early 1980s. 152 more words


Rhetorical schemes are grammatical constructions; grammatical constructions are [insert completion phrase here]

Once upon a time—for about two thousand years—rhetoric and grammar were bosom buddies. Along with their pal, logic, they formed the tripod that held up education. 934 more words