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Finno-Ugric đ

A note for my Finnish-proficient readers and other interested people: I’ve transcribed and uploaded Arvid Genetz’ presentation Suomalais-ugrilainen đ ensimmäisen ja toisen tavuun vokaalien välissä 236 more words


Politico-Linguistics 101: Canvassing for Cannabis

If there were (subjunctive mood) a vote for the legalization of marijuana, would that be a reeferendum?

Linguistic Productivity: Initial Thoughts

What is linguistic ‘productivity’?

A quick search finds that the emphasis tends to be on morphological derivation, especially when it comes to newly coined words. Taking the verbal form of ‘tweet’ as an example, we might derive forms like ‘tweeting’, ‘tweeted’, etc. 412 more words


An Overview of the Ubykh Language

While pouring over a list containing common features in the various language families of the world, one really caught my eye. Northwest Caucasian languages are characterized by their scarcity of differentiated vowel phonemes and their contrasting consonant inventory size. 1,423 more words


Oxford University Press: May the Fourth Be with You

Star Wars prompted seismic changes in the media environment. It was heavily merchandized, to say the least. But no one needed to write ad copy; the ad copy was in the script. 9 more words