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Malapropism [Noun.]

The blundering use of an absurdly inappropriate word or expression in place of a similar sounding one. E.g. Illiterate him from your memory. (obliterate)


Anti-State And Anti-Statin: MIT Is Home To Both Non-expertise Experts In Chomsky And Seneff

The concept of a drug that would disable the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol sounds like a terrible idea to me… cholestrol is to animals as chlorphyll is to plants… we die without it.

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Vowels and the IPA - Linguistics Topic 27 by thelingspace: How...

Vowels and the IPA – Linguistics Topic 27

by thelingspace:

How do we define vowel sounds? What are all the different vowels we can make?

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n. A genus of cephalapods of the family Loliginidæ, including several species of squid common off the coasts of America and Europe.

The word dates to the late 16th century and comes from the Latin… 29 more words


Freudian Time Slip

We all, I suspect, have words and phrases we repeatedly remember differently from the majority, whether in spelling or meaning. Often, they seem to stem from mere rote, such as my mistyping ‘from’ as ‘form’ but not vice versa because of a slight difference in the speed my fingers move when touch-typing. 665 more words


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Just something to think about for your Thursday. Does linguistic variation over time and the way society's use of language changes it (sociolinguistics) stem from subconscious - and/or extraterrestrial - formation of what it means to be human?

Making Things with our Language

Here is a place for collected writings, arresting images, and linguistical lore!

Liberal Arts Students Shine at 2015

Several students from the College of Liberal Arts won awards for their presentations at the 2015 Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES) symposium Wednesday, March 25, at the E.H. 330 more words

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