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The Outdated me - Bhalai ki supply is not my cup of tea.

Bhalai ki supply
The Yoga Guru says Breathing is essence of life . This statement seems irrelevant since we have been hijacked by numerous addictions and one such addiction is fondling with our phones. 410 more words


Banajara Hills, Hyderabad, India


Backtracking - the Canal Day 1

Day 1 of Panama Canal crossing:

After much delay yesterday, we finally entered the Canal around 6:30 last night. We were center in the lock behind a cargo ship from Monrovia, and in front of two sailboats that were rafted together, one being the beautiful Hylas 54, one for our dream list… Being positioned in the middle is idea, as it absolutely eliminates the possibility that you will rub bow or stern with the canal, not that there is much chance of that anyways, but like my dad always says, what can go wrong will go wrong…so be prepared! 238 more words


A new generation coming

Believe or not, urusan teknologi pasti akan terus dan terus berevolusi. Inged ga waktu dulu jaman hape masih segede batu-bata? jaman pager berlangsung kirim pesen beberapa kata doang pake ngomong ama mba” / mas” operator? 410 more words

Getting the line right

After my cave course I realised that the line I was using on my safety spools was subpar. It has become faded and it easily twists so there was always the possibility of risking a bird’s nest when sending up a dSMB. 250 more words