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Obama combats police militarization by limiting supply of military-style gear

Surprise announcement will ban government from providing items such as armored vehicles, high-power firearms and grenade launchers to local police

by Lauren Gambino | The Guardian… 209 more words


a year of living simply: week 14

Happy Wednesday, my friends! This morning, I was woken up by a wild turkey gobble-gobble-squawking on the lawn outside my bedroom window. It was quite a unique alarm to wake up to and a funny sight to usher in my day. 733 more words


Multi-Buss Mixing Philosophy 

The question, “What’s on your mix buss?” has been all the rage for several years now. Mix engineers have been pre-mastering their work for a long time, to ensure that the mastering engineer has a clear artistic vision before manipulating the audio. 387 more words


Easter Weekend Fun

This was an eventful weekend. We’ll for me anyways. There was almost no down time!


Friday I went to the gym with Kelsea nice and early. 838 more words


C# - Constraining Type Parameters

Sometimes it can be useful to constrain what types can be passed to generic classes. Say for example that you were building a generic binary tree, then you might what to ensure that only types that implemented IComparable can be used. 161 more words



1. The nature of goods and services : Some goods and services are suitable for large scale production while others cannot produced on large scale. 73 more words


Adventuring - Part 2, Inside

It might have been an old Batman episode. Or maybe it was an adventure movie where the good guy is trapped.  Whatever it was, the picture in my head is clear.   695 more words

MS/Multiple Sclerosis