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1. The nature of goods and services : Some goods and services are suitable for large scale production while others cannot produced on large scale. 73 more words


Adventuring - Part 2, Inside

It might have been an old Batman episode. Or maybe it was an adventure movie where the good guy is trapped.  Whatever it was, the picture in my head is clear.   695 more words

MS/Multiple Sclerosis

You Look!

You look heavenly “he said”.

I gushed with estrogen.

You look old “he said”.

I gushed with epinephrine.

You look constipated “he said”.

I gushed with less thyroid hormones. 118 more words


Student debt limiting home-buying


WASHINGTON — Younger Americans are struggling to keep up with steadily rising student debt loads, a burden that is limiting their ability to buy homes. 460 more words

Daily News

Dress Code: Limiting Students

By Parker Clark

In my opinion, dress code is something that holds students back. Each and every day kids throughout the country go to school, sit through class, do their homework, maybe go to practice, then go home. 311 more words


The Highway Code: A Metaphor for Learning

In discussing the importance of self-belief in learning I have described the learner’s beliefs about what they can and cannot learn as a “learning map… 256 more words


Why Can't Schools Look Like This?

Reposted from What Ed Said:

The playground is covered in white and the children are pressed up against the window observing a new phenomenon. It’s hailing.  161 more words