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101 Self-Limiting Beliefs Around Money Reviews & Book PDF Download

101 Self-Limiting Beliefs Around Money Reviews & Book PDF Download. I invested in a session with our focus of clearing negative beliefs about money that have hindered the growth of my consulting business and general flow of success. 84 more words

Easter Weekend Fun

This was an eventful weekend. We’ll for me anyways. There was almost no down time!


Friday I went to the gym with Kelsea nice and early. 838 more words


C# - Constraining Type Parameters

Sometimes it can be useful to constrain what types can be passed to generic classes. Say for example that you were building a generic binary tree, then you might what to ensure that only types that implemented IComparable can be used. 161 more words



1. The nature of goods and services : Some goods and services are suitable for large scale production while others cannot produced on large scale. 73 more words


Adventuring - Part 2, Inside

It might have been an old Batman episode. Or maybe it was an adventure movie where the good guy is trapped.  Whatever it was, the picture in my head is clear.   695 more words

MS/Multiple Sclerosis

You Look!

You look heavenly “he said”.

I gushed with estrogen.

You look old “he said”.

I gushed with epinephrine.

You look constipated “he said”.

I gushed with less thyroid hormones. 118 more words


Student debt limiting home-buying


WASHINGTON — Younger Americans are struggling to keep up with steadily rising student debt loads, a burden that is limiting their ability to buy homes. 460 more words

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