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Trick for better performance: "Limiting the number of issues returned from a search view"

JIRA allows you to view search results in several different formats, including Word, Excel, RSS or XML.

A search view that returns too many issues can take a long time for JIRA to complete and can use a large amount of memory. 595 more words


Sky's The Limit.

I really feel like the sky is the limit. I’m a dreamer, and I dream in full vivid color HD.

– Will Packer


"Then he realised his eyes were full of tears"

“Then he realised his eyes were full of tears”

How does one just realise your eyes are filled with tears? Surely it’s a process of feeling sad and upset with high running emotion that you feel the only way to get it out is to cry. 372 more words

"I wrote a poem that makes no sense"

Once upon a time
I was balancing on the wall
and spinning out of sight.
Each finger-prick and toe-tap
driving me out of my wits, my mind… 81 more words


Ready to run.

There’s a limit to how many times a line, no matter how flexible, can be toed before it snaps.

Lifestyle - 23. nap - Nagysiker!

Nem a sikertelenség, csak az időhiány volt az oka annak, hogy tegnap nem jelentkeztem! :) Öröm és boldogság, tegnap limiten belül “vészeltem át” a délutáni családi ebédet: mindent ettem, amit csak a szemem megkívánt (húst, krumplit, salátát, desszertnek pedig egy hatalmas túrós rétest). 17 more words


The law of God and the law of man

The law of God truly transcends infinite boundaries, unlike the law of man which depends on them. The law of man is not only to limit man in his very society, but the law of man is to limit man to any other realm, such as rebirth or a much greater life! 87 more words