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Let go of knowledge and grow beyond!

We have all used some support (walker or an adult’s help) while we learnt to walk… But the proof that v learnt walking is that we are free from those external support… 108 more words

My Life - Reflections

Is There a Medi-cal Asset Limit in Northern California

Is There a Medi-cal Asset Limit in Northern California from Timothy Murphy This is a health insurance program that is jointly administered by the federal government along with each state government. 19 more words

Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Bunk beds, while space-saving, are much like coffins. They weigh heavy on those below and limit the dreams of all.

Feng Shui

It is by My Spirit

It is by My Spirit I would have you fly with me
As an eagle flying with my winds,
Soaring with me over land and sea – 186 more words

A New Era

A rainy day in Berlin

After being lucky the day before we woke up on Saturday to a bleak and grey sky. Good then that we were sleeping in and not in hurry to go for breakfast. 346 more words



Patron of predicaments.
Wearing the striped emotions
Of his victims;
Part anxiety,
Part rage.
Jumping from time zone
To time zone,
The mischief overlaps… 44 more words


You are what you drink..

Your choice of beverages can be ruining your fitness journey.


Always say YES to water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Make sure to drink it throughout the day so you have constant hydration. 438 more words