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TVO Market Barometer 3/27/15

If ever there was a time that markets were in Limbo in terms of volume this one stands out. If you’re of the belief that the NASDAQ leads the market, then strong up volume, but weak overall is not a great case for the bulls at this point. 108 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

Toll for the Ferryman

I’m banished to the unspoken,
Where fevered nights last beyond
It’s toll, paid by a dark smile,
Dragging the chains belonging to those
Fused to the brittle walls… 219 more words


Limbo isn't necessarily bad

I have realized over the last few weeks as I experience more good moments, hours and days, that I think my benzo journey is finally over.  407 more words



The belt buckles have arrived! We had some issues getting these made. So much so that we didn’t even list them as one of the giveaways for the Wild West Crawl. 67 more words

Bar Crawl

There's got to be something better than in the middle

We’re such different people, but still, somehow there is this one small part of the universe where only the two of us exist and we meet perfectly in the middle, but not often enough, not nearly enough.


Creative Non-fiction

Dear Diary: Just Another Entry


Has it been a while already? You’re all dusty but your pages are crisp as ever.

Yesterday I was screaming. I wasn’t going to let go of that reefer till I got high again. 497 more words



The concept of death

is to me traumatizing.

Not so much a concept at all.

A concept

is defined as

something that comes from thought, 105 more words