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The Dress.... Duh Duh Duhhhhh

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a fab Tuesday. Today I am writing about something which has stunned many people, including myself. Whilst this is a normal post, I am doing a bit of research too, which I will explain at the end. 87 more words



Soon I’ll post a review of the anime Golden Time!


Thank You!

Just a note to all my friends, my family, and to readers I’ve not yet had the opportunity to meet. I want to let you know how much I appreciate each of you. 138 more words

From Christina

The Creative and the Bell Curve

Part of what I do everyday in the medical profession has me applying my knowledge of statistics to reference curves and population databases. Today I got to thinking how being a creative artist could be layered on top of a bell curve and then asked, “What does all this mean?” 438 more words


Day Two - Blogging Challenge

Topic: 10 likes and dislikes. 

Ouu… This should be fairly easy.


  1. Diamond Dreamer – I have hands down one of the sweetest dogs ever. She is lazy as all get out though (but we are working on that, she is slowly being trainer to be my running partner).
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100 Likes On The Facebook Page!

Since 2.10pm today, Diary Of A Chocaholic’s Facebook page has finally reached the 100 likes mark! I’m so grateful to every single person who reads my blog and shares it, be you friend, family or stranger. 101 more words

About Me

After Bribing...

AsianAssociation has finally done this! Not sure what I will be doing with these privileges, but I won’t be changing anything. I will however make posts, and perhaps a weekly thing going on.

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