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Map of Love: Waiting For Your Twin Flame

Excerpt from my book that will be published Spring 2016 The Baby Mama’s Guide: From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen ©

ON A Road TO Nowhere… 1,157 more words

Love Magic

In Memory of Miss Goodwitch!

Hello Everyone!

My spirit has been doing some massive overhauling as of lately! The last three years has been momentous for me! When I started on my path as a Witch it caused an avalanche of spiritual positivity into my life. 364 more words


Haripriya Suraj @ REIKI WITH FRIENDS - Lightworkers, Ascension and Reiki - - ASCENSION SYMPTOMS - 5-25-15

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

2012 was a significant year for Planet Earth. It witnessed the opening of a divine portal through which energies of love and light began to permeate the Earth on a much larger scale than before. 1,056 more words


Light Workers Unite: Rock Country Singer Rod Black Share's His Near Death Experience & Outlook On Life!

When I was six years old I flat lined after enduring a severe Grand-Mal (Tonic Clonic) seizure. Although I was so young, I was given the gift of intuition and understand through my near death experience that we are not alone, and that there is so much more beyond this physical realm. 2,141 more words

Six Powerful Healing Techniques

In a recent In5d article, Cameron Day shared with us why he is “no longer a lightworker”. His message was that there is a false light matrix that has control of the planet and it is up to us to recognize it and retract from it. 934 more words

The World As I See It