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He stands with his right leg on a low stool

His right hand raised to the sky

Where the axe- the symbol of his godhood… 154 more words


New on 500px : Storm Clouds by thecreativeshutter

This weekend a storm moved in bayarea and produced lot of rain and thunder. While i was scouting a place to shoot sunset at don edwards wildlife refuge, the dark clouds moved over Mission Hills followed by lightning and thunder. 18 more words

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WATCH: 6 months of dramatic Wirral weather

We’ve been on Facebook for 6 months so we thought we would create a compilation video and invite you to join our brilliant Facebook community! 59 more words


Hell's Fury

the sky is black

dark, dark as night

(is it even night?)

heavy storm clouds crack

hell’s fury pours out

molten fire, fluid lava

mixed in a light beam… 93 more words



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When it’s this bright outside, it’s all patience, although there are gizmos you can purchase. I’m just a little too frugal to invest so far, but if I lived back in Arizona I’d have one for the “monsoons.” 21 more words


Day Forty Six

Sensational Storm

Probably one of the best storms and displays of lightning that I’ve ever seen. As the storm cell rolled in right on sunset we were treated to incredible and intense colours. 14 more words