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I am pouring myself down this deep deep well trying to find you
Swimming with eyes wide open in the darkness
Fingers extended with webbing grown between… 38 more words

Creative Writing


While testing out the shutter speeds, I accidently

created light photography way up in a hot air balloon.


Early apartment living

The Emmy-award winning story about Early Apartment Living published by the New York Times in 2013 has created a lot of noise not only for the subject matter that makes you question the status quo but also for the use archiving materials that come to live when they are animated. 608 more words


Light Haiku

Let’s look for the light
Among the dying embers
And forgotten ones


There Once Was A Ghost of a Boy Who Liked to Live in the Shadows, So He Wouldn't Frighten People.

an apology

pouring latex paint over the beaming ignorance of her loved ones

doesn’t protect them from the sun she too once believed in


it instead coats them for a tar and feathering… 92 more words


All About the Light

Have you ever noticed how things look more beautiful in natural light?

Pictures are more lively and vibrant with a little bit of sunshine. Skin complexions glow perfectly. 147 more words

Who Am I