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[Nhật Bản - Light Novel] Ame & Yuki - Những đứa con của sói: Công lao cha mẹ vô bờ bến

Hosoda Mamoru
“Công lao cha mẹ vô bờ bến”

Tôi không hay viết cảm nhận, và cũng đã lâu rồi không viết một bài cảm nhận, nhưng câu chuyện này đã thôi thúc tôi phải viết. 3,254 more words

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Isekai Mahou | Chapter 9 : My Duty Is... (Part 1)

Hi there. This is part 1 from 2 parts. I will do the rest tomorrow. or may be, tonight.

And for info, Ch 10 is 14000-15000 words. 1,168 more words

Light Novel

Examination Preparation.

Since I have an exam, and have to prepare it for 1 month or so, I would get busier.

I propose making KnW and Nidoume as side projects on that duration, and then, make Isekai as main projects. 88 more words

Light Novel

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Light Novel EPUB and PDF Download

This folder contains the EPUB and PDF version of the Light Novel Oda Nobuna no Yabou.

I currently have of Volumes 9 out of 12 Volumes ( still ongoing; 12 released ) 29 more words


Chapter 9 - To Be Expected

Author’s Note:

Hey everyone, thank you everyone who has recently followed me on my blog. Was pretty surprised at how much of you followed recently. Again thank you very much! 2,404 more words


KnW | Chapter 90 : The Conclusion !


You’re warned. Don’t be a retard.

Panda will edit it tomorrow

Translator: ELYSION/Loliquent

Editor: XCrossJ

XJ: Sup, viewers of ELYSION TRANSLATIONS. XCrossJ has invaded this chapter. 1,928 more words

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Royal Rebirth - Chapter 17: A Day in the Castle

We always made sure to clean the hallways that seem to go on forever in one direction and again in the other. Every small spot of the palace was to be left in an order that is fit to be clean and able to reflect some manner of light. 2,205 more words

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