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Anime Review #6 - Archenemy and Hero

it’s the 6th anime review! The focus of this review is Archenemy and Hero; a fantasy and light romance series that follows the great warrior Hero, who battles his way through the demon realm in order to confront and defeat the Demon King, only to be confronted by a beautiful woman with a cunning and intelligent plan…Review Time! 700 more words


Manga Review #4 - Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

On to the 4th Manga Review! The focus this time round is on Seraph of the End, a supernatural drama set in a world where everyone over the age of 13 is killed by an unknown virus; a horrific event which coincides with the sudden appearance of Vampires who swiftly dominate what is left of the dwindling human race, claiming them to be nothing more than livestock……Review Time! 647 more words


CCM Chapitre 1 – Le Plus Puissant Guerrier

Misty Wolf: Voilà le premier chapitre de cette aventure prometteuse, par la suite les chapitres seront surement transférés su pikatranslations car ils sont dédiés à CCM et les originaux des chapitres viennent d’eux. 1,802 more words


Chapter 15 - [Crusade]

Written By: Paradox

Edited By: Tyhuko and Edet

Author’s Note:

Hey everyone, this is the new chapter. I left you many cliffhangers but the fight is finally here. 2,130 more words


Chapter 10: Fight of the Goblin Village

Fanged Wolf Clan.
The east plains ruler.
The seed problem of the common traders in the various areas like the empire and forest of Jura in the east. 3,028 more words

Light Novel


title (EN): SENPAI!
title (JP): “いらち先輩” (irachi senpai)
format: Light Novel
language: English
genre: yaoi, BL (boys love),homo, slice-of-life, school-life, PG13
status: ON GOING

“Let’s meet again in the next life” A command as well as a promise sealed before the last breath of a young master, Kato Hideyoshi to his man, Matsudaira Naoshige in 1874. 62 more words


Chapter 6: Meet the Competition

A soft bell chimed from a distant clock tower, signaling the end of the hour and Ryuu’s final class with it. With a sigh of relief, he plopped back into the dirt, grasping at his canteen for a well-earned drink of water. 3,912 more words