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title (EN): SENPAI!
title (JP): “いらち先輩” (irachi senpai)
format: Light Novel
language: English
genre: yaoi, BL (boys love),homo, slice-of-life, school-life, PG13
status: ON GOING

“Let’s meet again in the next life” A command as well as a promise sealed before the last breath of a young master, Kato Hideyoshi to his man, Matsudaira Naoshige in 1874. 62 more words


The Magical Workman Chapter 12: Injured

When I came too all I saw was a bright sea of light, probably sunlight, streaming through my eyes.

Needless to say I was blinded. 327 more words

The Magical Workman Chapter 11: Testing the Elements

Oh what do you know it’s been three years already.

These three years have been very uneventful. Nothing new, just Lilia and magic classes. Not to say Lilia is boring it’s just that three years of the same thing over and over again is pretty boring. 557 more words

Awaken Chapter 1 : Defense

Hilangnya rasa kemanusiaan, digambarkan dengan bermunculannya organisasi-organisasi terrorisme di seluruh dunia. Anarki, pemberontakan terjadi diseluruh dunia. Rasa haus akan kekuasaanlah yang menjadi faktor akan terjadinya penyelewengan hak asasi manusia. 2,543 more words

Light Novel

The Magical Workman Chapter 10: Actually Starting Classes

I turned around to see what I assumed was a teacher walk up to me.

“My god, how much magical power do you have little child” 812 more words

The Magical Workman Chapter 9: The Girl

“Enjoying the view there”

Said someone who then proceeded to put their hand on my shoulder.

I turned around in an elegant twirl to see who it was. 683 more words