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Prisoners of Earth Chapter 2: Helping a Stranger

Felix awoke to the sound of shuffling. Slowly opening his eyes, he glanced around the inside of the cave. What he saw momentarily surprised him. 1,234 more words

The Magical Workman Chapter 7: Going to School Soon

I woke up in my bed at home feeling exhausted. When I looked around right after I opened my eyes both of my parents were sitting in chairs, pointing towards me, fast asleep. 812 more words

The Magical Workman Chapter 6: Testing the Power

As I walk with my parents I contemplate which elements I’ll have and whether or not I’ll have enough magic power to successfully use these elements. 754 more words

Prisoners of Earth Chapter 1: The Happening

“Shit, there he goes, get fucking on his tail you trash” shouts one of the kids as the rest sprint after Felix.

Felix was definitely having a bad day. 950 more words

Magical Workman Chapter 2: Scenery

As I opened my eyes the sun rose to greet me, giving me a strong ray of sunlight in my eyes. This quickly faded however as I tilted my head however much i could (Not even half a centimeter) to look at my surroundings. 567 more words

O Dragão de Gelo

The Ice Dragon
Livro – Light Novel

Escrito pelo mesmo criador da best seller “Crônicas de gelo e fogo”, George R. R. Martin, e desenhada por um artista que me faz lembrar os traços do incrível… 296 more words

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Durarara x2 : Mikado's Smile

So Durarara!! gets a second season which can be traced back from June 2010. So almost 5 years later, we have “Durarara!! x2″. But we won’t have the whole 26 episodes in one go. 307 more words