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Fabric Scraps

If it isn’t monogrammed, is it really yours? This is the general sentiment here in the South. I may not understand it, but I am surrounded by this mentality. 401 more words



U-less da blidlyng is blit by da Holy Lamb o’ God, da blidder blids a

By His Grace

Light Hearted


 Links from 2014 plus some new ones

For a light hearted take on Easter Day why not try Morning of the Rolling Stone

Stations of the Resurrection… 77 more words

A Writing Faux Pas

They say never to use cliché’s within poetry. In the essence of unoriginal originality, I have created a writing faux pas.  We have all been stamped with a cliché’d description at one time or another. 279 more words


April mood swings.

In letzter Zeit zerstört sich das Schreiben selbst. Ich wünschte, es würde vom Weiß gefressen werden und in das Nichts zurückgehen, aus dem es kam. Ist das destruktiv? 542 more words

what ? chocolates or coffee ?!!!!

It sounds harmless and merely a straight forward question indeed. However knowing us Homo sapiens we can’t help putting ourselves into complicated situations sometime.  And this particular question was a torture for me to answer. 133 more words