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3 Reasons You Hate Cardio!

I was just on my way back from a 30 minute intense cardio class called ‘Metafit’ (It’s my second time going and I for one have always hated cardio and laughed at the thought of doing any), when I realised I actually enjoyed it? 781 more words

Photo Shoots


Paintballing is sore. Covered in welts as rules based on how close you can shoot from are silly. Mistook a large bruise on my shoulder for some vascularity earlier today. 58 more words


7.6.2015 WOD

Today’s workout at my box looks awesome, except the burpees-burpees are the worst exercise, in terms of I can’t stand doing them and curse while I am doing them, but once I am done-it is magic. 148 more words


Unsolicited Advice

We are so busy tearing each other down. We should be building one another up!

Appreciating the positive attributes.

Loving the good in people.

Praising our significant others. 57 more words

My Prose And Poetry

Living in the gradient

Rivers cut new channels into valleys. Minerals in drops of water pile on the ground to create stalagmites taller than I am. The sun pulls itself slowly over the horizon line and a new day creeps into existence. 408 more words


HIIT workout

It finally feels like summer here! Or, at least it did for a week…

After a week of temperatures in the 80’s and no air conditioning, I can safely say that I am okay with average summer days in being in the low to mid 60’s. 358 more words


Work It

I made a lifestyle change in January of this year. Eating differently and working out became a part of my daily routine. But what do you do when you run into something that throws off your routine? 254 more words