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Body fat and Performance

Lose ten pounds of body fat and your mile time could decrease by a minute. Your pull ups and pistols get faster. Your hand stand push ups become easier. 597 more words


After CrossFit Open 15.5

How I feel after completing CrossFit open 15.5

I did the CrossFit Open 15.5 yesterday. I will wrap up how it went in tomorrow’s write up. 150 more words


The Simplicity of Strength

Read any newspaper today and you will find a sensational article regarding fitness or nutrition – fat used to be the enemy, now it’s sugar and for god’s sake do not touch the evil that is fruit juice.  399 more words


Week 4, WF MT 2

The past few weeks have been a mess for training, travelling, and work.

Day 1 (9 March)


bar warmup: muscle snatches, drop snatches, dip snatches? 442 more words



*Photo retrieved from bumperplates.com

I always wanted to lift from weightlifting blocks.  Except that I don’t have access to blocks.  Let’s face it, the commercial gyms I go to do not have fancy weightlifting equipments I wish they carried.   231 more words


Leg Lifts

How do stick people exercise? When you’re small, stuff like weight-lifting could be a lot more interesting. I just wonder why Pirate would be willing to stand in one place for 24 hours. 13 more words


azrin's fitness regime; strength training all the way; eat clean and lift!

just to share my fitness regime; feel free to follow, give yourself a try for atleast a month and also, feel free to give recommendations and suggestions and corrections and alterations to this..  626 more words