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Fight Club

Some of you are repeat readers of these blog posts. And for that, I sincerely thank you. If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll know that I once wrote about a time… 1,260 more words

Briana Hansen

Inside My Gym Bag: Workout Essentials Review

You’re at the gym for one thing (or you should be), and that’s to work out. Sometimes, I do let myself get distracted – I’ll run into a friend or acquaintance, and you have to make small talk and ask how they are doing, do they usually come at this time, and hey, we should grab a meal to catch up sometime; if I am not zoned out, I’m guilty of starting to notice the women working out around me – I’ll glance over to analyze their bodies, the weights they’re pushing, whether they are doing high or low reps, whether their form is good, whether they look like they workout routinely or not, and I’ll compare it all with myself; if I don’t have music playing, I’ll start to eavesdrop into conversations, and be distracted during sets with men grunting out their last rep, dumbbells clashing and deadlift drops. 2,611 more words

Health And Fitness

A bit of cardio

I threw a “cardio” in the program today by ending each set with a “mini” set of deadlifts. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like ripping heavy weight off the ground for multiple reps? 267 more words


CrossFit Goals

I enjoyed my first Crossfit class. My second was replaced by driving home in 2 hours of blizzard conditions. If it snows again for my Thursday class, I will not be happy. 350 more words


Giving Advice at the Gym...

I just DON’T.  

Unless you ask me.  

And then, and only then, I am happy to share what works for me…but I will… 329 more words



Welcome to my site and my first blog! My name is Troy and you can find out more about me on the about tab. My teacher for ITM created an assignment to learn about WordPress so here I am making my first attempt to understand the site and learn how to use it. 262 more words


CrossFit and Pregnancy – Gasp!

By Jen Simmons

“Listen to your body”. These four little words are so powerful and crucial to almost any exercise regimen. Even more so, they seem to be the consensus of both doctors and expectant CrossFitters as they take on the challenge of continuing to CrossFit through their pregnancies. 528 more words