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Why Can't I Have A Happily Ever After With Myself?

Just finished reading a short story where ending was perfect and happily ever after was more clichéd than choice of black for bumps and lumps. Yes, happily ever after aka Marriage was the ending. 417 more words


The ultimate GIVEAWAY !

Hi loves, i’m super happy for the first 505 followers of DIRTY CHIC DIARY ( and hope for another 500 ) !!! To celebrate the occasion and have you all smiling i’m announcing the blog’s first GIVEAWAY !!! 373 more words


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// Out-Fleeing in the Flea Market //

One solution when I have too much clothings and want to make less space to move around at home, I go to flea market and additional fun is when doing it with friends ☺ 71 more words


Kim Kardashian and Objectification

wtfopinion because each one who knows anything about e-blogging told me, a no-one to have a niche to write on.Well, I did not have that in mind.I just wanted to write, put forth my opinions on anything and everything I felt for. 303 more words


To you who bear the wounds, cuts and bruises of life; to you who has loved and gotten no love in return; to you who bear the scars of kindness, love, and benevolence; to you who broken & torn within from the storms & buffeted by the winds of life; to you who found yourself lost, relegated and ignored hoping one day to be found…..Let your tears flow, let the sobs wrack your aching body; Let your lips murmur in His ears; Let your heart whisper to His heart; Let your soul beckon to the sound of His word and receive His wholeness reaching the depth of your everything.

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11 Ways On How To Impress Anyone In 30 Seconds or Less

Within seconds, everyone you meet forms an impression that largely determines whether they’ll like, trust and respect you. Whether you’re job-hunting or fundraising or leading an organisation, making a good impression is absolutely critical. 530 more words


#PhotographyFriday - A Lady in The Streets

In a world where being a twenty something year old woman often equates to wearing too little, twerking in clubs and reaping what ones Sugar Daddy sows, I love seeing women like this. 237 more words