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Green power!! (greener alternatives for laundry and cleaning products especially for eczema and sensitive skin)

We live in a world where our exposure to all kinds of chemicals has increased multifold over the last few generations. So while we have made a lot of progress in all areas of life like medicine, housing, gadgets, transport etc, we have also started using many more products loaded with chemicals right from cosmetics, bathing products, laundry, dishwashing and cleaning products just to name a few. 2,376 more words


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My article on ecofriendly and natural alternatives for laundry and cleaning needs at home ..it is a primer for those of you who are looking for eco friendly and natural alternatives for a cleaner and greener home

Challenge - Week 1

Today is the last day of week 1 of Maxine’s Challenge. It’s also rest day according to my workout plan. But I haven’t really been following the plan this week. 702 more words

Lifestyle Changes

Falling Flat on My Face, February and Fragility

February has been a hard month for me.  I ended up going into the office only 7 days between the extreme cold and the weather.  I am lucky to be able to work from home and got tons done.  1,212 more words


Turning things and Adjusting them

So it’s been a couple days, and no updates. I apologize, just been going through some things that I required making adjustments to my daily routine. 815 more words



Goal No. 1: Waking up before/at 5 am

It may sound a bit simplistic. However, I think it may be a game changer in terms of my productivity and health. 294 more words


My Current Skincare Routine

Hello Friends,

For a while now my skin has been, well, not so great if I’m going to be honest. It’s been unusually dry and irritated for this time of year, where the air isn’t quite as dry or cold. 585 more words


Effective Pruning

Trees are the most prominent component of most home landscapes. They add aesthetic and financial value, and they can help control energy costs as well. But having trees in the landscape isn’t as simple as just digging a hole and dropping a seedling into it. 512 more words

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