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Abstract Ideas #3: PARADOXES.

With the help of the words of John Lennon “It is weird not to be weird”, I pose a question of the existence of paradoxes in the world and its reflection within oneself. 681 more words


Best Jailbreak Software

With all the hoopla and the thousands of ads for jailbreaking, it’s a wonder anyone knows who to try for a jailbreak fix. While Apple keeps releasing new firmware to stop users from jailbreaking their iPads, there is no slowdown in the massive amount of people who are looking for a… 446 more words


Why Your Vote Matters!

Why vote? I hear you say. Voting is something we are all eligible to do (providing you’re of age) and something which impacts us all, regardless of who you are or where you live. 470 more words


To keep or not to keep?

After laying out my plans for redesigning my wardrobe I thought I should explain my reasons for keeping some things and getting rid of others. 834 more words


New Type Of Learning: A Display Floor

I am currently away from home delivering training to a large corporation and I have known various types of training methods in my career but this one left me speechless and also – literally hanging from the ceiling! 520 more words


Braless, laundry, and more basic bitch tales.

I’m feeling stuck. Please reference to the photo above ^^ this is the summary of how I have been feeling the past week. Sadly I’m not as glamours looking as Jacklyn Hill…but I’ve mastered the eye rolling over the past twenty years. 385 more words


The Momento Pearl Is Reinventing The Locket

Lockets are meant to store precious memories, an occasion or person that shouldn’t be easily forgotten. But in a digital world, the locket hasn’t gotten much of a redesign – until now. 225 more words