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I had no patience last week

This past week in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, we were supposed to find our life theme. And, well, the title above is all-revealing, I didn’t do it. 515 more words

Life's Mystery

Heart Mapping

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for their comments on last week’s love letter to myself. And also thanks to all the people who commented and liked my Facebook status a couple of days after the blog post went up, after I found out about getting the technical writer job! 627 more words

Life's Mystery

Ask, Answer, Receive

‘Ask, answer, receive’ – sounds simple ay? That’s because it is. See I didn’t quite understand it myself until I came across a video called The Secret Law of Attraction, that life is like a big catalogue and we can pick and choose what we want and desire in our life. 202 more words


A love letter to myself

Every night two weeks ago, I scribbled down a 6-word glimpse of my day. I continued doing that this past week as well, since Cathie… 753 more words

Life's Mystery

Six word days

As an update of my sewing project, the heart-button pillow still isn’t done… Life and a cold happened, so I spent Saturday evening and most of yesterday with a fever, chills, being sore (even my hair hurt!), and slept more than I was awake. 374 more words

Life's Mystery

Making art, aka my sewing project

As the weeks roll by and giving myself fifteen minutes each day worked out so well last week, I was excited for the upcoming assignment in the year of following the… 940 more words

Life's Mystery

Giving myself fifteen minutes a day

Last week’s assignment in the year of following the 52/52 e-guide in 2015, was to give ourselves fifteen minutes a day to fill any way we wanted. 717 more words

Life's Mystery