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A different way to view MONEY

Love first.


No matter what.

Today, I would like to approach the subject of MONEY from a completely different angle.

That angle involves adding love into the equation.

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Lifes Lessons

Spinning yarns vs just plain bullshit

This has been good therapy writing about things from my past that have taken residence in my memories all these years.  Just about every little thing you go through as a kid can be considered a life lesson,  and sometimes you learn things by watching other peoples’ mistakes.    1,213 more words


Education and Ignorance

We will not throw pearls before swine.

So is that just reason to walk away from the lost travelers here on earth?

Indulge in your beliefs that those who you see are not worthy, not ready, not part of your clan. 453 more words

Independence: In men or in Jesus?

I have been battling day in and day out with everything our society is currently fighting.  Here, as we come to another celebration of the freedom of America, I can’t help but wonder how free we really are… 1,198 more words