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Our religious differences have started stressing me out. While I have tried to be respectful of my husband’s reverence towards alcohol, it is not a sentiment that I have ever shared. 319 more words


~A Kolleg Heristal review, and Sushi at Ozaki`s

Endlich out of heristal!!

~I wont say that my time there was hell or anything– Im just glad Im finally getting my freedom to live the way I want to– without rules or regulations to tie me down! 1,127 more words


Intermittent Signals

Wildly erratic

Signals less than optimum

Reboot, pause, begin.

Low expectations

Adversarial boxes

Disconnect, restart.

 Lost plaintive pleading

Alternative communion

Speech to ears from tongue. 8 more words


This is not that post. It is the other one.

You may call me Pixie. Or Han-Yolo, whichever strikes you as more necessary.

This is my blog. In it you will find thoughts I have, terrible advice you should never take, and a general commentary on my adventures trying to be an adult. 113 more words


Thought/question of the day: We all are killers

A recent thought that has occurred to me is — if we don’t kill a person but kill another living being does it make us a less killer than the one who kills a human? 175 more words


Let's Talk | How to be a better you

I think that it’s all about balance, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. 123 more words


I cannot believe it has been a year since I was last a blogger (under this username) and I’m quite disappointed with myself because I thought I would be a regular blogger, But no, I actually hate typing and I really struggled to maintain my blog *sorry guys*. 184 more words