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A Good Story About One Who Is Growing Up

And speaking of a good story…..

we were, last night.  About big stories and good stories.

Last night at Evening Prayer we discussed a program that our local coffeehouse has–Backpack Buddies.   623 more words

An Angel in the ATL

Today we made the trek up to the big ATL, Atlanta, the big city, for a checkup with a specialist.  Me, being me, I underestimated the time it would take to get there.   790 more words

The Hug That Got Me Wet

As I sat listening to the conversations around the tables, two arms reached around me and hugged my neck from behind.  Before I could fully appreciate how sweet it was that Cooter wanted to hug me, I felt his wet shirt against my back.   553 more words

But It's Our Mess

We flew out to Texas on a plane.

ON A PLANE.  This was a huge big ol’ deal, since it had been ten years for some of us, never for one of us, and one has severe nut allergies. 903 more words

Flying with Fear

We are back home. Back into our day to dailies with full force after a weekend of getting away, literally and figuratively.  A weekend of fun and laughter and reconnecting. 1,623 more words

And So It Begins

When we came back from running errands, there was a piece of paper tucked in the door. Our Princess grabbed it and read it out loud incredulously: “We’ve been invited to a Wine and Cheese Tasting?” She ended it as if asking a question and with a puzzled look on her face. 391 more words

"It's a Dalek!"

Today I took the littles to a program about “Bats and Bees: Friends not Foes.”  It was a fun program with learning, crafts, short movies, and playing in a bouncy house. 552 more words