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Seeing the Rainbows

This afternoon as we headed east on the main road, Aub, who was riding shotgun, pointed out the front window to the right of the heavy storm clouds.   563 more words

The Healing Power of Batman and Bandaids

It’s been a very busy weekend full of swim meet activities and birthday parties and listening to live music. While we wrapped up our Princess’ swim meet (day 2) activities yesterday, Cooter went to Mess Cat’s house to play with Shaker. 841 more words

"Well, What About Them?"

Today as the crew and I began the work of coming to terms with our shock and grief, we did what we have done in the past when the pain has been great. 422 more words

My Heart in Pictures

This morning before I got out of bed our sweet Princess walked in with my Daddy’s tray that she dug out of who knows where. 327 more words

An Unwelcome Visitor and the Havoc He Has Wreaked

We’ve had an unwelcome visitor to our home this week.  Unwelcome and unannounced.

He came in and started annoying each one of us in turn.  First Cooter on Monday.   679 more words

The Ones Who Will Take the Wheel

A couple of moments that make me feel better about our future and the hands that will be at the wheel…..

We are fortunate in that we are able to record shows we like or watch them with minimal commercials.   449 more words

It Was a "Pink Toilet on the Side of the Road" Kind of Day

The littles and I were riding down the road one day last week, and I saw this.

There is no filter.  That is indeed a pink toilet sitting on the side of the road. 532 more words