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Digital Murk

Solo show has come and nearly is gone, vacation come and gone too. Business in Roanoke (AfterMAF) hasn’t happened yet. I can’t be there myself unfortunately, but I’m sending them some stuff, so go if you’re in the area. 98 more words


our weekend adventures


 cale left early friday morning to surprise his dad in arizona for his birthday. bye honey! see you on sunday!

 someone was pooooooped when i picked her up from the children’s center. 517 more words

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Fine, I'll sign up again. #internet

I caved in and signed up for a home Internet connection after all. I say “caved in” only because of the way I’ve been debating it over the last few days. 720 more words

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Digging Out of Debt

Getting a hand on massive amounts of debt is overwhelming to say the least. The process is especially rough when your massive amount is comprised of student loans, closed credit cards and parking tickets (thank you District of Columbia for your utterly ridiculous policies). 156 more words

Life Stuff

Cedar Rapids BBQ Roundup

I’ve already started crossing things off of my yearly list! I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. Maybe this year will be the year I complete them all. 179 more words

Life Stuff

Nice Sunday Morn'

I have been sitting on the Porch this morning with my Santa..it is kool damp and a Lucious Green out there..Thank You God for this Day given… 477 more words

Family Humor

Sunshine Reflections

It’s Sunday, and normally this would be my ritual “time out” at a local cafe, eating a salad and reading the Sunday mags. I haven’t felt the urge to do it for about a month now. 355 more words