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"You are weak and you're also strong"

It’s Friday! The sun is shining and the weekend stretches before me like a beautiful blank canvas upon which I get to throw a canoe camping adventure on. 249 more words

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One Pair...

I was soooo tired of going to stores and striking out for baby doll shoes..finally at Micheal’s Crafts..One Pair of Rain Boots..Perfect size but the price..FOUR DOLLARS..and Amy L.was and is the only one that will get those at that price..LOL!.. 319 more words

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Love and Voices

So, I’m going to tell you a TERRIBLE secret about me. Something I am dreadfully ashamed of. Okay. (Deep breath) here goes.

I have never voted. 319 more words

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Who are you and what do you want? #babylon5 #advice

On my ride home today I started thinking of a friend of mine who’s going through a dilemma in “their” life. I use the “their” because I’m going to get sick of writing “his or her” from here on out so yes, I’m taking a lazy shortcut this time.* Especially as I don’t know the fullest details about their problem, nor is it my business to report what it is in the first place, I’m not going to give out too many identifying details. 545 more words

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A glass of wine and a cigarette can solve almost everything

There are some moments in a woman’s life when all she wants is to be alone… Sometimes because of men, sometimes because work gets too boring, and sometimes just because she cannot handle all the shit she has to put up with. 137 more words

Life Stuff

10 Books That Have Touched Me (that sounds dirty--it's not, i promise) (i'm so bad at titles)

*Note: Just pasting this over from Facebook because I don’t want to lose this list :)

Mel tagged me to list ten books that have touched me emotionally or stayed with me in some way. 340 more words


Silly Placeholder Titles

Hey, hey, HEY! AquariumBook is done!

Yeah… it’s um… emotional over here.

But this means WHAT DO I DO NOW?
Behold, a list of babies all vying for my attention: 27 more words

Life Stuff