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I found this poor tree twisted up by vines while I was trekking through the backwoods at a local park. It’s hard not to feel sorry it, constricted as it is – and given my penchant for personifying things, I almost wanted to brings some clippers back and set it free. 66 more words


Shifting Shadows

When I started painting this stream, I anticipated that the water effects would be difficult to capture, however it was the shadows that proved too fleeting to catch. 118 more words



It’s a little shocking how different a place can be from one day to another. We had one last (fingers crossed) blast of snow a few weeks ago, and I had to run out to paint it before I even had time to rub the sleep from my eyes – it was already melting. 48 more words

Life Studies

The Rule of the Restless Subject

After a day at the zoo, I’ve learned this: there really is no creature who won’t start moving the minute you’ve started drawing it. Snakes – even… 204 more words


The Problem with Peruvian Lilies

One thing about flowers that’s good to know – they’re not all equally easy to paint. If you start yourself painting on frilly carnations, you will have your confidence thoroughly squashed if you switch, then, directly to a bouquet of Peruvian lilies. 184 more words


Your Intelligence Peaks At Different Ages And This Is What You're Smartest At Right Now

You’re smart, we already know that. However, a story on Yahoo says that our intelligence peaks in different ways at different times in our lives. Whether you’re 25 or 68, here’s how your age relates to your intelligence at this point in your life. 108 more words



Some days when there’s just not much worth painting outside, you have to stay in – and work on still lives, if you’ve got a mind to practice your observational painting. 107 more words