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For a good few years now I have accompanied my son to a variety of cities, institutions, shops, visitations and perambulations. Sometimes out of necessity but more often out of choice. 2,034 more words

Life Studies

Herpetology in the Park

I was hiking one of our local trails when a little slider turtle caught my attention. He was trying to stealthily make his way back to the creek side, but, being a turtle, stealth was not his forte – I managed to scoop him up before he made it. 137 more words


Waste Not

Despite my best efforts, I’ve yet to convince my cats that I don’t require feeding. One of them left me this little mouse on my back porch a few days ago as a midweek treat. 113 more words

Life Studies

Crucifixtion and Resurrection

How many times are we to open a newspaper and have more information on Cyril Smith and yet nothing is done.

Nothing is done about the banking industry and the avarice of the oil sector. 425 more words

Life Studies

New Tenents

Looks like I’ll be picking wild blackberries this summer, if I can remember to come back for them at the right time. These white flowers just sprang up without my noticing. 103 more words



You might think it’s a bad idea to go out watercolor painting when there’s a storm brewing – you’d be exactly right, of course, but that’s never stopped me. 101 more words


Note Taking

I have to admit that though I love drawing and painting for art’s sake alone, there is a part of me that relishes having a sketchbook full of notes straight from nature – I think there’s a bit of a wannabe scientist lurking in me somewhere, feeling very important in all her information-gathering and note-taking. 36 more words