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Good morning bloggers, this morning I woke up from a stress dream about how I never went to university. I often have them, I’m back at school, more prepared than I ever was in reality and then suddenly I realise I need to be at work and I can’t do both. 187 more words


Where to start? How about the very beginning.

I was born and brought up in Northamptonshire. For the first few years of my life there was nothing strange, odd or noticeably different about my family. 1,029 more words

Brain Tumour

Your Life is An Epic Journey


You are a mystic life adventurer! But you know that, right? This month we will explore the Life Metaphor Life is an Epic Adventure, with the archetype of Mystic as our ally and guide. 331 more words

Life Mapping


New blog, new start.

In content this blog will be entirely similar to my previous one, only here I reveal my identity. The full or real names of the people in my life may still be altered or changed, as I don’t want to publish anything I don’t have permission from them to do so. 127 more words


Do we Have Good Mental Health ?

Time flies faster than I could ever imagine.. thanks February for unforgettable moments..and Hello March!!! be good to me okay :D

Just now, my colleagues text me complain bla bla and so on..xcampor dgn msalah dunia lagi, oh minyak naik lagi!!! 475 more words


New Account

Unfortunately one part of letting go of drama is to delete this blog. The whole reason I created it was to feel like I had a secret life. 78 more words


April, 1999

Verde Valley, April, 1999

Sitting on my deck in the sun, my feet up on the railing and my head back against the chair; I hear the call of four birds distinct against the background chirping of various songbirds. 918 more words

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