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The Last Seed

I’ve wanted to write a blog for quite some time. Working with our grade three students is always inspiring as they look at everything with such curiosity and wonder. 562 more words


Kind Words Go a Long Way

Kind words can go a long way. Yesterday, I was having a “so-so” day until late in the evening when a client of mine, Spencer Hayes (name given with permission) … 171 more words


Prodigal Daughter 

DISCLAIMER: Before I write this let me clarify one thing. My parents do love me and the love me the best they know how to considering the circumstances. 430 more words

Mommy Daze

Once Upon a Boarder: The Beginning

I vividly remember my first day in Secondary School. I woke up that Sunday morning with a spring in my step. I was finally going off to boarding school and not just any school, the famous Queen’s College aka QC! 874 more words

Life Stories

The sheer Galle of it: 'Regaling' Sri Lanka

Freddy Halliday, courtesy of  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-3086195/The-sheer-Galle-Turtles-notch-accommodation-total-relaxation-Sri-Lanka-finds-new-boho-chic-atmosphere.html where the title runs “The sheer Galle of it: Turtles, top-notch accommodation and total relaxation as Sri Lanka finds a new boho-chic atmosphere… 918 more words

Life Stories

Duel of the Fates and Bedtime

Today my children were driving me crazy. Literally. I would have ripped out all of my hair had I had any to rip out. Since they decided to break things during nap time instead of sleep, I resolved to put them to bed at least a half hour earlier than normal. 293 more words


Zeke's Vermont Camping Trip in Pictures

The highlights:

Zeke made a golden retriever friend Max & they played off leash several times

the sheriff stopped by to tell us the water was drinkable and Zeke ran up to his truck and put his paws on the window /= luckily the sheriff just pet him *phew* 12 more words