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Canadian War Veterans in Holland

How Canada’s war veterans of world war 2 perceive themselves in Holland. According to them: “The Dutch people remember us and are grateful for what we have done for them.” 152 more words


When death made a dual collection In 2009 

I remember it was a Saturday afternoon. All through the week I had been anxious because my stepmother had been keeping information from us about Dad’s health. 1,838 more words


A new hope...

I am looking at their picture. At Jeewanpur, where lives were deeply distraught in the face of the terrible disaster, their laughter sparkled like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. 362 more words

Life Stories


Making friends…is it hard for you? Easy for you? Either way it changes as you get older.

As a child I was shy. Those who know me now and didn’t “way back in the day” would probably find that hard to believe but it’s true! 1,639 more words

Life Stories

Nations Change

Excuse me Mr Cameron, you’re completely out of touch.

And well Mr Miliband … You too…

Stacks of SNP MPs may be on their way to Westminster. 224 more words

Life Stories

MS Journeys

On Dreams…

Part of the reason for this blog is to write a “history,” per se…For myself to reflect, for my kiddo to remember, for anyone interested in my story. 739 more words

Writing Life Stories: Last Session

Writing Life Stories: Last Session

This class began as a series of sessions lasting four weeks. Students voted to continue the classes longer than originally planned. 415 more words

Writing Life Stories