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country mouse

Saturday is a softer day to arrive in the city.
Less honking, less sirens, less helicopters circling, less rushing, less children whining.

And yet, almost immediately, I feel engulfed by the enormity of the population here, lives stacked upon lives, in in high rise after high rise, while my closest neighbor in the country is a pond or a hill or several acres away. 256 more words

Life Purpose Path

the stuff of dreams

In my dream, I am in a vibrant learning center, like the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing or the avant-garde middle school of my youth–spherically shaped with large open spaces. 402 more words


Coming in 2015

The Journey of the Voice

via: Writing through the Chakras

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Life Purpose Path

Farewell 2014

Sitting vigil with the last hours of 2014.

Excavating insights buried in life’s busyness before the year passes.


You know how guys typically want to solve a problem rather than listen to it? 321 more words


nauseous with vision

i see shimmering wood floors

i hear music playing

i move across the room

a bright silk scarf brushes against my skin

I dance alone… 101 more words



My gentle and soulful mother taught me to be graceful, which is also to say, not to say, anything, even when one is hurt or despairing or furious. 171 more words


It doesn't have to be...

I begin my day
before dawn
in the Shadowbrook Room
at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing.

Just before 6:30 am, the room fills with soon-to-be… 219 more words