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The everyman.

Some of us hide behind a smart remark.
Some of us hide by being a nark.
Some of us hide behind “Hail fellow.Well met.”
Others hide hide behind a scowl. 123 more words


My kingdom.

There is a squirrel sat in the shade of the apple tree.
Unconcerned about the closeness of my home,
untroubled by the birds in the tree above him, 94 more words


Colour me.

Colour me red.
Colour me blue.
Colour me all the colours in the sky tonight.
Colour me true.

Colour me true.

Colour me red.
Colour me blue… 61 more words


To Gatekeepers

What we put into our minds is just as important as what we put into our stomachs
And yes we are human especially when pleasures are taken away.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2015.

Balancing Act (Poem #73)

Life isn’t a simple thing,

and it is all about balance.

The balance between sorrow and joy,

light and dark,

pain and happiness,

pride and humbleness, 50 more words


She Only Makes It Look Easy - POETRY by Sarah R.

She Only Makes It Look Easy

Poem By: Sarah R.

From the audience it looks easy

“She just knows how to do that”


Here’s the truth… 120 more words


Spring rain.

The past,imperfect,is seen with rose tinted eyes.
You forget the pain and hunger.
You forget the tears and the cries.

You remember golden summers that never seemed to end. 158 more words