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Fathomless life

Life is a fathomless bridge   suspended on the hinges of hope gliding merrily with the winds of time ‘To live’ is  just as tricky  as  walking a tightrope. .

I write.

I write for the joy of text.
I read for the joy of words.
I paint to explore the joy of vision.
I live to explore life itself.

Andy Fox  270515


Waiting With a Story - POETRY by Nicole A.

Waiting With a Story

Poem By: Nicole A., 7th Grade, New York

Author’s Note: My dad was the one who inspired me to write this poem. 204 more words


Untuk Raga Yang Belum Membujur Kaku...

Untuk raga yang belum membujur kaku, jangan pernah letih dan menyerah dengan apa yang sedang kau hadapi saat ini.

Untuk raga yang belum membujur kaku, jangan menganggap apa yang sedang kau hadapi ini adalah ujian, anggaplah ini adalah warna hidupmu. 47 more words

Tinta MSA

Simple Anguish Joy


fleeting holds


Relentless seems


Beyond touch


The idiot stick.

To earn a living I push an idiot stick.
It has been a good stick over the years.
Oh I have worn out many handles, 152 more words


Backup Singers

Last month was national poetry month, I took part in the 30/30 challenge which was basically to write a poem a day for the month April. 73 more words

Short Poems