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Waivering nothing. only in that i cant waive my unwavering wakfulness as set forth from action.
Both by myself an that which is interactive with multiples and singularitys. 73 more words



There’s an elephant
In this room
You can’t see it
Yet, but it’s mine
And it’s ugly

Of course,
Maybe that’s okay
You won’t care… 17 more words


Lovers Politics?

I’m going to start a new party.
I will call it Cynical Bastards R Us.
It’s not going to be about politics.
It’s just going to be about love. 68 more words



I sit  here.
The empty feeling has gone but the darkness remains.
I half expect the phone to ring.
I am glad when it does not for what do I tell her? 56 more words


Misconceptions About Sisters - POETRY by Jasmine D.

Misconceptions About Sisters

Poem By: By: Jasmine D., 7th Grade, New York

Author’s Note: I was inspired to write this poem because me and my sisters are not what you would call “normal.” 134 more words



Too long alone
Too long to think
Too many thoughts
Without any stops to
Align me right again.
Slowly I’m drowning
In a waterless grave, 39 more words


Cliché rides again.

This beautifully soft mist morning grows gentle on my mind.
A sky to sooth the most savage of breast.
A sky to ease the most angry child. 108 more words