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What We Have Forgotten

We have reached an era in human history

In which everyone can have the world

At the touch of their fingertips.

We are blessed to live in a time… 115 more words

When I Started to believe I wasn't my all...

When I started to believe I wasn’t my all,

I was 13.

I had just turned the age where I ‘had’ to fit in;

be like everyone, act the code… 232 more words

Life Poems

soul is prime

Though soil is thine,
Still soul is prime.
On the day of ruin,
Only this will be mine.

Let me nurture the soul,
I know its divine. 9 more words

Life Poems

flowing eyes

It’s not wise,
to seize flowing eyes.
Let tears wet them more,
and wash all memories heart bore.

Seasons gone never restore,
Those changed on way were not pure. 14 more words

Life Poems

the memories immense....

The memories immense,
The more you remember,
The more get dense,
Darkness in heart but eyes defend.
Why life impel woeful revenge,
Why forgetfulness tremble, 33 more words

Life Poems

Those Days

by Gideon Mutai

Those dem days are gone by
When by rules I wouldn’t comply
Advices I wouldn’t simply buy
But please don’t ask me why… 77 more words

Life Poems

captured smiles....

If hearts were tamed,
And smiles captured.
The world would be distinct,
And none tampered .
If love could be framed,
And hate hampered,
The world would be free,
And none tortured.


Life Poems