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It's Only A Test!

Life is filled with ups and downs

Situations are thrown at us and we try to figure out why

Things that happens in our life we can’t only deny… 133 more words


I wish I could see beyond the horizon.

I wish I could see beyond the horizon,
I wish I could see beyond the land yonder,
So that I can correct the mistakes I now make, 162 more words


Ghetto Life.

Civilian sufferings,
Meaningless sufferings,
What for?
And why is it happening that way?
Yet they are not the perpetrators of the cause,
Why do they play the victims of circumstances? 134 more words


Deep Down

The song I hear deep down

The one I wish to sing;

The tune played all along while

The lyrics framed pictures around.

And then I see myself singing… 15 more words

View Point

Come my way in my dream,

Come my way in my dream,
And let me show you the way,
How I do what I do,
Because I feel good about it all, 67 more words


Break Free

Dark forests deep at every turn
Surrounded pressed in like a box
I lay in center trying break free.
Wall of pine needles prick me… 47 more words

Current Poetry

Memories, Not enough!

I cannot paint you my love
What colors would I begin and end with?
What hue would do you justice, truly there is none to compare… 165 more words