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Strive for the Vanilla

We made up this phrase as we hung out in my bedroom one late night. “Strive for the Vanilla”- We laughed as we described the difference. 448 more words


Life Debris

Life Debris

A ravaged land garbage strewn

down to a slab of concrete; houses gone

turbulent skies a mile high- a mile wide

its conduct disorderly, unstable and… 221 more words

Mary Caliendo

Kids home again, Audrey has a dream, Margo sleeps on my tummy.

For the last week the kids have been in Arizona. The first few days I got messages from them, things like quick stories from Audrey about how she saw a lizard on their climb up a mountain, and Margo asking for pictures of the cats. 840 more words


Wednesdays Wine (Senryu)

Deep Red, rich color

Shade of a liquid delight-

Thoughts have now been drowned



The Dividing Line

It’s the time
When the moon,
Gives its way,
To the rising sun

    A brief moment when…
All is still
      And a second when…
All is clear… 26 more words


Still podcasting, still unemployed, and making friends with all the seniors in my building.

I’m still podcasting. We were able to get a semi-famous independent author to let us read his stuff. So that was kind of weird. It took a few takes, and hours of editing to get through it- see if you can find out why: 278 more words


Driving in Fog

Driving in fog; contemplating life and its similarities to the conditions.

Moving through life on a path chosen.

Unable to see but briefly ahead.

Looking back is in vain. 14 more words