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Bubble gum and a trip to the big mall for roller-shoes

I always try to do something fun for Margo’s lunches. And because of it, Margo seems to refuse to get get a hot lunch. I kinda wish she would. 1,035 more words


Monday Already, Job and passions !!

4th May 2015, 1:16 AM

I’m 26 years young, inspired and aspirant, with all of that good stuff….hell-a-lot stuck !!!  like a fish caught by a hook !! 347 more words


Just when I turn on the lights
the high goes down
I can’t even fight my itch
why’d you expect me to get over
a straight up bitch… 23 more words

Vần Vè

My safeguard

just shut up
shut up Noah
don’t talk to your roommate
it’ll blow your cover

you can hear yourself roar
all you want
when this is all over… 10 more words

Vần Vè

Sài Gòn Tháng Tư Ngày Tận Thế, Thơ Hư Vô


Sài gòn tháng tư ngày tận thế
Mẹ về chưa kịp phút lâm chung
Để thấy thằng con ria họng súng… 141 more words


Strive for the Vanilla

We made up this phrase as we hung out in my bedroom one late night. “Strive for the Vanilla”- We laughed as we described the difference. 448 more words


Life Debris

Life Debris

A ravaged land garbage strewn

down to a slab of concrete; houses gone

turbulent skies a mile high- a mile wide

its conduct disorderly, unstable and… 221 more words

Mary Caliendo