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Sisters blow drying, vomit, and itchy cats

I don’t seem to have anything to write about lately. Which is annoying, since I genuinely want to. I guess my last few weeks have been pretty boring. 235 more words


Bring Back to Life

They said I am strong

Just numb and exhausted

They said I am shy

Nope, I just don’t want to talk

So many things battling inside… 82 more words



Unpeeling a tangerine

So much work for a taste of heaven,

But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Using the fingernail to make a cut… 132 more words

 I am a twig trapped beneath a sheet of ice

My path to freedom, translucent

Forced to wait;

To feel the warmth in spring’s finger tips…

19 more words


A heartbeat mingled with

The diving of oars, cutting the

Silent breeze simultaneously

The silent tapping of foot

On the creak board

Echoing, In the ripples of stream… 96 more words

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