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A Tale of Two Sisters: Q&A 1

For a class assignment my younger sister, Adrianna Elaine, was asked to create a “microhistory” of someone in her life.  For this project she picked me.  1,046 more words


World is not that Bad

I quit reading newspapers and following world news after the 2012 Delhi rape incident. It was difficult to close the newspaper without getting disheartened about what’s happening around the world. 517 more words

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Why checking my emails is so easy these days

If you’re anything like me, you have more than one email address. Perhaps one for personal stuff, one for business-related stuff, one for subscriptions, another just for family, and one for everything else. 318 more words

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To Learn and Unlearn

When we thought we need to learn a gazillion of things to be smarter and maybe become a better person, it must be understood that quantity is not always equal to quality.   938 more words


I Heart Rednecks, Sometimes

In college I took a poetry class from a guy who brought a littered beer can to class every week. It was a class about the modern nature poem, but he spent a lot of time picking up the can and saying “I understand this but not this .” I guess that relates to every American nature poem of the 20th century or something. 214 more words

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Free Fall

It’s ok
To let the guards fall down,
To embrace the dizzying realm
Of optimistic and pessimistic unforeseen potential.

When you stop doing that,
The shell created… 47 more words

Mindful March: Your Challenge Begins Here.

It’s March! What does March mean to you? For me, it’s the start of spring. And while in California we have a very loose definition of seasons, I yearn for this time of year when the days start to get longer and I’m not teaching BCSF in the dark. 400 more words

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