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“The chariot is the card of force and control and it is highly connected with water elements. This means that you will be gifted the power of mind and emotional control. 114 more words

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Warrawong Sanctuary


Warrawong is an Australian Aboriginal word with two meanings, “a whiting” and “side of a hill”. This is about Warrawong Sanctuary, a wildlife reserve up in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. 738 more words

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Weekly randomness: bouncy house, zombies, and wanderlust

This picture pretty much sums up how I have felt all week. On a typical week I am rushing between family time, work, and school which can leave anyone feeling a little drained, but this past week was our daughter’s third birthday and we wanted to make it extra special. 417 more words

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It's Been A While

So, my attention to my blog was somehow misplaced. It has definitely been quite some time between posts so I thought it was time to brush off the keyboard and get back to it. 492 more words

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Actions and Consequences

For every action, there is a consequence. Good actions, bad actions, intentional or otherwise all have a consequence that can and often does affect many, not just the the initiator. 1,159 more words

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Drinking: Self Control and Lost Connections

The amount of alcohol consumed, over what period of time and whether it’s a problem seems to be on a sliding scale, depending on who you talk to. 949 more words

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Conversations with

z: Hey, how are you doing?

✧: Hey I’m doing better today. The sense of meaning is feeling stronger and the headache is going away. I’m still pretty disconnected though. 1,129 more words

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