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To the Asian Kid in the Red T-Shirt --

You attended our fourth hour take-over. We were looking at doing another three. That’s a lot of repeating the same things over and over again, sometimes to the same students. 327 more words

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Sparkles of the Day – Create your own Sunshine

Dream beautiful, live hard, breathe deep.

I’ve had a gratitude journal for a while…but I haven’t been writing in it as much as I would like, lately – so here is my little experiment – posting on the blog the Sparkles of my Day. 434 more words


early/late mornings

1) i know too many songs

2) i don’t know the title of the many songs that I do know

3) searching for songs when you remember random lyrics is hard… 23 more words

Life Musings

10 Things I Would Tell My 13 Year Old Self

As my teenage years draw to a close and I watch my baby sister struggling through the same years that I have surfaced – relatively unscathed – from, I reflected upon the lessons I would love to have shared with my 13 year old self. 1,470 more words

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Musings About Beauty

It has been a rough day. Quite honestly, I feel vacated of all happiness right now. And I need some beautiful things in my life. 56 more words

Life Musings

Stress Eating Happened

This last week was a detrimental one. It was full of stress and difficult dealings and I let it get the best of me. Not only was I a grump at times, I let my feelings get a grasp on my meal choices. 355 more words

Life Musings