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What Is Your One Thing?

Here’s a thought: ALLOW the Future to affect your Present NOW. Contemplate a desirable future event, deeply. Then imagine backwards to where you are presently. What might you be doing now or in the foreseeable near future that can carry you, even PROPEL you forward to the realization of that desired effect or set of conditions? 713 more words

Life Mapping

Your Life is An Epic Journey


You are a mystic life adventurer! But you know that, right? This month we will explore the Life Metaphor Life is an Epic Adventure, with the archetype of Mystic as our ally and guide. 331 more words

BE2: Sunday Life Paths Process Topics

Your Key Turning Points

This next few days I have a simple life mapping tool to share with you.  I invite you to reflect on some of the Turning Points in your life, either up to Now, or from Now toward your desired future. 484 more words

Life Mapping

Map Your Life

One of the more unusual exercises I mentioned yesterday was to make a life map. On the surface, this sounds too intimidating to think about. It’s easier to do than it sounds. 220 more words

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[eng] Filofax Flex & DIY Fish insert tutorial

I found an amazing way to fill my Filofax flex with my favorite Fish insert kit, and I create a faux midori using a smooth dark Filofax flex that I bought in sale more of one month ago. 234 more words


Why 11TH Cracks You Up? Mapping helps!

At the 11th hour of my life, and what I can muster is this:

For things that I do and I didn’t do, I acknowledge them and I forgive myself.

568 more words
My Inner Dance Journey

Start Up Biz Coach Radio Show Interview

If you missed my interview with Terry Clay on The Start Up Business Coach this morning, you can still listen!!! I break down the Steps of Creating a Successful Life Plan! 37 more words

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