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things that made my week

the two things that made my week:

this movie

…for giving my guy & me a much needed break from a stressful week.

& 68 more words

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In The Shadows

In the shadows, a new world is built.

Where colour is no bar,

Where everything is dark and everything is bright.

In the shadows, magic is made. 46 more words

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gym accessories

FRiEQ armband | nike training gloves | dove dry spray | old navy water bottle (try in stores)

when it comes to working out, every little source of motivation counts. 510 more words

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The Bird

What am I, if not a humble creature?

I fly miles but eventually the grounds are what I desire.

A broken leg cannot restrain me to aim high. 38 more words

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The Blur

Life, is a blur.

You think you remember something precisely, but all you know is how that something made you feel.

Memories are mere reflections of the things we know, moulded with our emotions, and clouded with our perceptions. 58 more words

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My Boyfriend Loves Fat Woman - Buzzfeed.

I am well aware that Buzzfeed has a way bigger readership that I could ever dream of, but I just wanted to share my love and support for this article. 26 more words

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