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Notes from a small dog LVI

This post is brought to you from behind the barricades,  somewhere under the dining table… about the only safe place in this house at the minute. 449 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Caught in a web

It was a dark and stormy night…

Well, okay, actually it was a bright, sunny afternoon and all I really wanted to do was go out and play… take the dog and the camera, perhaps… look at the greenery and watch the red kites. 500 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Remembered joy

For a very little while, just a few, short weeks a couple of years ago, I managed to afford dancing lessons. I had always been a dancer and ballroom had replaced the stage after the pointe shoes had to go. 716 more words

Life, Love And Laughter


The best part of my week is Thursday morning, not just because it’s my day off . Upon rising I get on the mat and practice my yoga, then it’s time for a relaxing breakfast. 147 more words


Paying attention

The mother looked harassed, sitting there filling out the forms in the dentist’s waiting room. On one side of her a quiet lad about twelve, obviously suffering. 789 more words

Life, Love And Laughter


Nothing. Zilch. Silence.

Now, much as I appreciated the chance to get organised for a long day at work this morning without having to worry too much about it, it… 463 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

How to write wrinkles

The morning was one of those where an inadvertent glance in the mirror on the way downstairs tells you that you need a comb. And coffee. 911 more words

Life, Love And Laughter