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Notes from a small dog LIX

Now that’s cool… LIX… supposed to be 59, but for a dog, that’s perfect. Might start signing my pawtographs that way… It’s almost as good as the three kisses when we got to 30… ‘cause I’ve always put the ‘xxx’ at the end of… 587 more words


Joining the dots

Whenever you sit down and talk to someone, face to face, you begin to get a feel for their lives. From word, eye and gesture, from snippets of personal history that colour their conversations, you begin to learn, slowly building up a picture of who they are, and who they see themselves as being. 825 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Invy...a visit with Kate.

Mum is becoming weaker each day, with this in mind we knew we couldn’t stray too far away from her but a short journey was possible.   731 more words


Bubbling over

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Feeling thin would be nice in many respects, but not in this context, though it is a feeling many of us are familiar with in all too many ways. 743 more words


Gold and silver

It was, I believe, Mother’s Day in the US, so it was perhaps fitting that I should get to meet up with both of my sons as well as my granddaughter today, an unusual occurrence these days. 561 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Curried garlic

I recoiled as I opened the door. There had, quite apparently, been garlic the night before. Lots of garlic. Evidently in curry. And there can be few things worse than second-hand garlic, except, perhaps, walking, all unsuspecting, into a small, hermetically sealed room where the stuff has been exuded from every pore overnight. 600 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Notes from a small dog LVI

This post is brought to you from behind the barricades,  somewhere under the dining table… about the only safe place in this house at the minute. 449 more words

Life, Love And Laughter