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Why We Read Strangers' Obituaries

By Sebastien Wilcox for Memorial Post

Why do we read the obituaries of complete strangers? Maybe a more fitting question would be “what is love?” or “how do they get caramel inside Caramilk chocolate bars?”  Because questions like these mess with our brains, are purely subjective, and are based on an insurmountable amount of factors – none of which a 500-word blog could ever warrant. 455 more words

Amy Winehouse

I wouldn't change a thing and my review of The Accident by Chris Pavone

We all have those moments, the ones you can look back on and say, “What if . . . ” or  “If only  . . . 601 more words


Where Going in Circles Will Lead You

Growing up on an island, my biggest challenge was figuring out how to get somewhere other than where I was. Drive far enough on an island, you end up where you started. 204 more words

Steady Grace

This year. Oh, this year. I’ve seen and felt things that I’ve never thought possible.

Looking back, in January I was standing in the aftermath of putting all my dirty laundry out for the world to see. 994 more words

Life Lived

Sing a New Song

A new season. A fresh anointing. The sun is beginning to rise over days I never imagined.

BUT no one warned me about the fear that would try to cripple me. 280 more words


Blisters for Bread, Again

It’s a shame that with me being in Spain I’ll be missing  Blisters for Bread this year as it will be running this weekend on the 24th of August. 280 more words

Life Lived

Surprised By Soccer

or… ‘How I Got Hooked On the Beautiful Game This Summer’

It might be a sign of midlife crisis, or, if Ann Coulter’s right, a ‘clear sign of moral decay’, but whatever it is, I can’t explain it, but it’s real. 875 more words