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Every Then and Now Life Gets Sweeter

It was just a few years that I read somewhere that the 20’s are full of hardships. Being who I ‘am, I entered my 20’s with my armor on, full of energy and ready to conquer. 221 more words


When you snap

Besides Erin, to those around me, I am this happy, funny person all the time.

No matter what the situation, I usually think of a clever response or have an uncanny way of shaking things off. 102 more words

Customer Service

Slowing down this crazyyy world

I didn’t do much this weekend but relax and workout and it was fantastic!! I work 5 days a week at my big girl job at a hospital in Cincinnati and I never thought I’d say it, but my feet hurt sometimes! 180 more words


The More I Talk in Life, the Less I’m Heard

People want to be heard.

I know I want to be heard. Most likely, the people you talk to also wants to be heard. How can everyone fill this desire to be heard? 396 more words

Life Lessons

Do Not Expect Others To React Like You Want Them To

Disappointments are self-imposed. There is no better way to say this, but you brought them upon yourself. It is because of your expectations that you have imposed upon yourself or others that caused you to have disappointments. 112 more words

Growth Mindset (or lack thereof) - finding humor and human in a difficult situation

We have a special code at my house for “good job”. Step in the door with a high grade, a win, or any other action worthy of commendation, and you’ll receive the exclamation “Bad Addis!” (I’m sure you get the euphemism). 895 more words


Tough Love: Lessons You Won't Learn in the Classroom

There are lessons you can learn in school that aren’t academic and will stay with you longer than equations for algorithms. Unfortunately, they’re taught by Life, who we know can be a b*tch. 677 more words