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Don’t believe when people tell you that you matter unless they treat you like it.
Your efforts would mean nothing to those who don’t want or need them.

Nothing Comes The Easy Way

Hello people,

in this post I want to tell you about the last nine stressfull, challenging but exciting weeks taking my designs from paper to reality. 1,035 more words

Life Lessons

It is about the journey...

Recently a friend wrote me a note regarding a goal I had set for myself and said she thought it quite a lofty goal and did not think it would be possible for me to achieve it. 338 more words

A Week of Lasts.

When I was a wide-eyed, fresh high school graduate I embarked on my college career fully expecting to make new friends – and keep the old ones.  506 more words

Life Lessons

Q: What scares you?

Have you considered it? What are you most afraid of.

For those who want to get clean, to be able to live a different life, what scares you the most? 166 more words


And the rollercoaster whips around another corner

My son has allergies like most of the family – indeed, I think, like most people in this state.  Anyway, he was taking Claritin but it wasn’t doing the job so the doctor thought Singulair was the answer.   279 more words


Why I love pickles and Why I love you

Things are going well-ish lately. Beyond stressed financially, but still managing to keep it together. Marriage is mending and building. Our home zoo grew by 3 more fur babies, and we have many goals to reach this year. 319 more words