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Say It! Sing It! Shout It!

I am FREE to smile, laugh, dance, love, and live my life in peace
Because of your heroic decision: to give, sacrifice, serve, and protect… 60 more words

Life Lessons

Who Says We Always Have To Mind Our Own Business?

You all have spent the past few months reading about some of the life lessons I have learned. Well, guess what? I am just as eager to learn from each one of you. 41 more words

Life Lessons

When Good Enough Becomes Never Enough

Over the past 16 years l have graduated from college, worked as a chemist, attended dental school, and practiced dentistry. The past 16 years have been an adventurous roller-coaster ride filled with joy as well as pain, smiles with a lot of tears, hope with a few regrets, and failures overcome by victory. 456 more words

Life Lessons


So much time has passed since last we’ve spoken
But I can still remember
All the craziness and joking
That day in September

You promised you’d come back… 122 more words


The Law of Gestation

The Law of Gestation or what some call the law of gender means that every seed has a gestation or incubation period. That means that when you plant a seed it will take some time before you actually see the fruit, so when you plant a tomato seed it will take a while before you see a tomato, or when a woman becomes pregnant then it will take some time before she has a baby in her arms. 449 more words

Life Lessons

A little bit of anxiety goes a long way

Have I been honest yet? Well, here it goes. So I’ve been embarking on a few business ventures. Small ones, but to me, it’s a huge step to what I want to accomplish in life so I have a lot at stake with my finances, with my family, and with myself. 330 more words


In honour of Africa Day...

In honour of Africa Day 2015 today I am going to post a passage that talks about 2 pivotal things in my life:

– my love of this beautiful continent I live on… 475 more words