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If I Was Ruth

A strange title – I know. And no, I’m not talking about Ruth in the field, waiting for your husband, or even how awkward it must have been to take advice from your (technically) ex mother-in-law on how to “receive” your husband. 1,615 more words


2015 Kicked My Ass

Its been practically 3 months since I’ve figuratively put pencil to paper. That wasnt my plan; so far from my original plan. So what happened to my so-called plan? 930 more words

Life Lessons

CheckMate Wins the Game

Yesterday: If you were following my blog, you are aware that someone (Mr. Anonymous) stopped by the site and left a rude comment. After a few moments of careful thought, I decided to respond back to the writer’s comment. 243 more words

Life Lessons

By The Way, I Don't Do Drama

Someone posted today on my blog: “Blah blah blah beautiful you’re such a beautiful soul blah blah I haven’t actually read this post but the circle jerk comments assure me that you’re a wonderful person.” 150 more words

Life Lessons

Casting Stones

Oh boy! Guess who’s back and giving a TED talk? I won’t keep you in suspense, it’s Monica Lewinsky. Freeze frame! Whatever your first thought or emotion was when you read her name I want you to evaluate it for just a moment. 283 more words

Hospitality: Opening our Homes, Opening our Hearts

Hospitality means different things for different people.  For my grandmother and her friends, it meant cards and drinks and snacks.  Lots of cards, plenty of drinks and bowl upon bowl of snacks.  378 more words

Life Lessons

Nothing But Hope


You’ve only known him for

4 weeks

6 days

9 hours

14 minutes and

22 seconds

And you’re this sad already

If you’re this sad… 109 more words

Life Lessons