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My Thoughts on Japan's Half-Black Miss Universe

Living in Japan I have had so many of my stereotypes about Japanese people tested and broken, and I’m so delighted to have one of my deepest, darkest beliefs tested once again. 290 more words


Golden Week 2015: Nezu Tsutsuji Matsuri and Shitamachi Museum

I’ve been resting lots and catching up on TV this week off work, but today was a day out. It isn’t a national holiday, so meant we could go out with it being a little bit quieter. 329 more words


Golden Week 2015: Kamakura

I love Kamakura, having visited a couple of times before whilst on holiday. It’s so beautiful and I thought it would be a nice daytrip during Golden Week. 433 more words


Golden Week 2015 - Hitachi Seaside Park and Ashikaga Flower Park

At this time of year, there are a whole load of national holidays in Japan. Golden Week has four national holidays in a short space of time and I get the week off work. 744 more words


My First Month in Tokyo - Practical Stuff!

I can’t believe a month has gone by already! It’s gone so fast and at the same time I feel settled into my new home as though I’ve been here ages. 1,134 more words


È aprile e io ho l'ansia, o della mia introduzione al mondo dei creatori di videogiochi.

È aprile. Di già. Mi sembra ieri che stavo seduta ai tavolini esterni del baretto di piazza Duomo, incurante del freddo, a parlare del più e del meno con le mie amiche di una vita… 1,911 more words