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Le Flirt

Once upon a time I decided to start an honest blog. I do not regret this decision and I shall now follow it through to its logical end. 615 more words

Anglaise En Prepa

Lille and Roubaix: science and innovation, art and industry.

I’ve been through Lille many times.  From my seat on the trains whooshing in and out of the station en route between London and Bruxelles or Paris I had gazed disdainfully at the grimy, graffiti covered buildings near the station and decided I was glad to be passing through. 771 more words

Life In Paris

The Louvre is our playground

Dear Son,

What a wonderful day we had today. Today I took you to the Louvre for the very first time. I had signed you up for a morning atelier, Poils et Plumes, for 4-6 year olds, that they run during the school holidays. 528 more words


The Navigo Saga

The joyous moment has finally arrived. I have officially obtained all the paperwork and bits and bobs I needed for life in Paris.

I am aware that I have been here six months, and that is precisely why this final piece falling into place has brought me so much joy. 1,059 more words

Anglaise En Prepa

Wool War One on parade – L’ Adieu aux Armes

As military parades go this one is rather small in stature and quiet; so quiet you can almost hear a stitch drop.  No guns, no drums, no machines of war, this is a peaceful parade of 700 hand-knitted soldiers from every corner of the earth. 323 more words

Life In Paris

The Creepy Catacombs

I’ve been trying to get my friends to visit the Catacombs with me for the longest time but they always seem to have one excuse or another.  209 more words

Life In Paris

Little Boy in Paris

It was a crisp morning, just cold enough to see my breath as we all piled into the old Peugeot. I knew the heat wouldn’t begin to trickle out of the dash of this rickety old car until we winded almost halfway down the hill on our 20 minute ride to the Sofitel. 273 more words

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