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The Reckoning

I walked into the courtroom, like I was walking onto a yacht, cowboy hat strategically dipped below one eye, my tie it was apricot.  (To the tune of You’re So Vain, with credit to Carly Simon). 839 more words

Life In Colorado

My Favorite Client's Crime Spree

I have a repeat client who has over the years allowed me to represent her in a number of legal matters.  On a few occasions, we have had to go to court.  405 more words

Life In Colorado

Customer Service?

Miss Sugar was appalled.  Appalled I say!  She was appalled to find “evidence” of mice in our RV camper trailer.  I was appalled too.  So we decided to do something about it.  656 more words

Life In Colorado

Hunt Team

I pity whatever is hiding in the hole.  The hunt team is on the prowl.

It takes concentration.

And a willingness to go far afield. 17 more words

Life In Colorado

The Welcome Committee

The weather is wonderful.  It seems like Spring is here.  The birds are singing.  We have birdhouses to attract our feathery friends, but so far, no takers.  Any suggestions?

Life In Colorado

Ferocious Felines

I stand corrected.  Our barn cats are not pussies, as I had implied in a recent post.  Apparently, they are protective of their turf.

Not only is the yellow cat, who intruded into the barn, nowhere around, but a second stranger was driven away.  211 more words

Life In Colorado

Showdown at the Cross Creek Corral

Yesterday, I wrote a post called “Pussy Cats” about a strange cat intruding into our barn.  For those of you loyal readers who have been waiting with bated breath concerning the effect on our resident barn cats, you are free to unbate your respective breaths, for I will now tell you a harrowing story of bravery and redemption. 508 more words

Life In Colorado