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Beauty of the Beast

Sugar, my trophy wife, a former model for many years, has gotten me into the modeling business again.  I say “again” because as most Americans of a certain age recall, I once appeared in a print ad in The Omaha World Herald advertising the teen department at Nebraska Clothing.  180 more words

Life In Colorado

Reflections As A Son Graduates

Photos I took of my son’s senior prom with dear friends.

I’m clenching each day in my jaws and shaking loose every ounce of life, savoring every moment, leeching it of presence. 243 more words


A Baby Left On The Doorstep

Yesterday, we were fixin’ to leave the ranch to go to town when we heard a knock on the door, which is unusual because we have a locked gate and a sign that says, “Patrolled by shotgun three days a week.  499 more words

Life In Colorado

Beau's Purpose in Life

Today, as usual, Beau, pictured above, went with me to the barn when I fed the horses.  Then I returned to the house.  Alone.

Sugar, my wise and discerning wife, commented, “Did you call Beau and he did not come?” 175 more words

Life In Colorado

Reflections on my son's last baseball game

When my first-born, ball-obsessed son, Jacob, was a sweet-faced seven-year old, we signed him up for the local Little League team. Practices were held at a local park, and my husband and I enjoyed hanging out on the side-lines with our three younger children and other families. 457 more words


Fashion Police

I sort of learned to dress myself at a young age.  I mastered zippers, buttons, buckles and, ultimately, tying shoelaces.  I say “sort of” because although I learned how to put clothing on, apparently, I never learned how to choose which clothes to put on. 448 more words

Life In Colorado

Gym Competition

I was fixin’ to do some pull-ups at the gym today when a little guy, probably a foot shorter than me, got to the pull-up bar first.  360 more words

Life In Colorado