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Gym Competition

I was fixin’ to do some pull-ups at the gym today when a little guy, probably a foot shorter than me, got to the pull-up bar first.  360 more words

Life In Colorado

Lincoln Portrait

President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 150 years ago, on April 15, 1865.  Yesterday, Johnny L. Bone, an artist friend, sent my wife and me an original oil portrait of President Lincoln.  214 more words

Life In Colorado

I Wasn't Always Like This

A group of people, a family I supposed, emerged from the restaurant next door to where I was sitting outside the art gallery wherein my wife was hosting an exhibit of western art.  503 more words

Life In Colorado

The Reckoning

I walked into the courtroom, like I was walking onto a yacht, cowboy hat strategically dipped below one eye, my tie it was apricot.  (To the tune of You’re So Vain, with credit to Carly Simon). 839 more words

Life In Colorado

My Favorite Client's Crime Spree

I have a repeat client who has over the years allowed me to represent her in a number of legal matters.  On a few occasions, we have had to go to court.  405 more words

Life In Colorado

Customer Service?

Miss Sugar was appalled.  Appalled I say!  She was appalled to find “evidence” of mice in our RV camper trailer.  I was appalled too.  So we decided to do something about it.  656 more words

Life In Colorado

Hunt Team

I pity whatever is hiding in the hole.  The hunt team is on the prowl.

It takes concentration.

And a willingness to go far afield. 17 more words

Life In Colorado