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Being the anxiety ridden person that I am, I have lots of phobias. Some more intense than others. And sometimes my friends like to poke fun at my phobias. 167 more words

Life Happens

Thoughts for Friday, March 27, 2015

You don’t have to go through something to see how it affects others. The best anyone can do is be a strong, understanding shoulder or ear for those going through. 45 more words

Just Stopping By


I feel that Veronica Roth’s books are filled with allegory. I’m certain the social justice message is intended. But what if you frame the factions around the context of Autism? 386 more words

Life Happens

One Very True Quote


Back in HS, I chose John Lennon’s lyric “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” for my senior yearbook. Ever since, it seems to be more true everyday. 322 more words

Life Happens

We all wish it didn't hurt...

I learn a little bit more about myself everyday… Although I have come to the conclusion that is isn’t normal to wake up one day and realize that your once again alone to face the world. 175 more words

Life Happens

Fleeing the Domicile of the Damned

That is exactly how one of my former co-workers referred to my now former place of employment.

Anyone who’s been following us since, well, ever, probably picked up on the sense of being trapped in a soul-sucking corporate day job. 554 more words

& The Greater Good 

Apparently there’s a lot of confusion in Kimmel’s video helping Chelsea Clinton promote Americans to serve a year in AmeriCorps. Service is something I feel passionate about so I commented on the video informing folks that national service isn’t just the army and of course someone responded that serving in AmeriCorps isn’t doing anything “good for this country.” I don’t believe in wars point blank because a lot of lives are lost for senseless reasons. 327 more words

Life Happens