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On My Own

Too long of a ‘Write all about it and try to let it go’ post. Skip if you don’t want to read about the sad side of my life. 1,363 more words

Life Goes On....

A Dream I Had Last Night

So on the evening of 2/23 thirty one days after the woman I was with romantically passed away I had a dream that she was in. 208 more words

Manipulated by Christian Grey (by Me, a Fifty Shades Avoider)

Ruth Perry over at The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors posted a huge list of links about the response to Fifty—oh, never mind, you know what book it is. 1,263 more words


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AMEN. Shout it from the rooftops! That is just how my first relationship (which led to my first marriage) started out, when he began pursuing me. He overwhelmed me in such a short space of time and because 'he was vulnerable' I didn't know how to say no... plus I'd not properly recovered from the sexual abuse of my childhood nor had a boyfriend before. He must have thought he was the spider that trapped the fly when he met me. In my EMDR session today I was recalling all those seemingly small, seemingly non-abusive moments right at the beginning of the 'relationship'. Coercion, manipulation: subtle forms of evil but nevertheless evil. But hallelujah for therapy and hallelujah for a wonderful, kind, patient husband. 'The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need.'

Vibrant Australia---Sydney in my eyes (1)

You might have heard before that Hong Kong people love travelling a lot. This is pretty true and you can probably hear a lot of Cantonese (if you can recognise the language) on many streets overseas during public holidays such as Christmas and summer vacation. 826 more words

Life Goes On

Loving Through The Pain

So if you drop the layers that ought to protect you from getting hurt… and you actually DO get hurt – it, well… hurts. And you still love although your chest is burning and it feels like there is a shrapnel stuck in your heart, making it burst. 16 more words



My life has been alright lately. I have been wanting so badly to update my blog but I haven’t really gotten around to doing much since I’m standing on my feet for 40 hours a week – I feel so exhausted when I get home, there’s not really much for me to do and all I wanna do is sleep. 1,249 more words


A Day in the Life: Saying Goodbye

Yesterday morning, I filled up the gas tank, headed over to Dad’s and loaded up the car. Two large checked bags, two carry-ons, a purse and a walker, one Dad and one sister. 496 more words

A Day In The Life