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Spring Time Travel

Always a killer when the clocks go forward, isn’t it? Completely knocks the wind out of me and I tell ya, it’s a good job it’s on a Sunday because I would not be okay if it was on a Monday. 123 more words

Life Experience

On the tools

We have been taking things pretty easy from a purely academic point of view lately. Even though our year runs to a general kind of plan, it is not rigidly fixed. 677 more words



You have one.
So does he.
All it means
is that a line’s been drawn
and crossed
and this, it seems,
is how you learn about… 103 more words


Something Blue

The new Cinderella is finally out in the UK and its reception has been magnificent. I have yet to see it, but I’m raring to go, got a sweet spot for Disney Princesses, y’know. 81 more words


Who Stole My Hour!?

Some estimated several billion years ago, Earth was created.

Or was it?

We have all questioned our reality and our very own reality at some point. 1,378 more words


Kitab Yang Menakutkan Bagi Orang-orang Yang Bersalah

Pada suatu malam bada Isya saya mendengarkan sebuah kajian di Radio Rodja (tak ingat siapa ustadz nya dan kapan disiarkannya) yang menarik sekali untuk saya ingat dan memang saya rencanakan akan saya posting di blog ini. 415 more words


What are you doing? Carnival or Campaign

  Under the scorching sun, I try to move as fast as possible searching for a cab to take me away from the sweltering heat to my home, then I notice an unusual crowd and fanfare…whew! 279 more words