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Stop the World! I Want to Get Off!

Let’s face it. We live in a “Can’t Sit Still Society” We are even raising our children to over schedule themselves to the point of losing an important part of their childhood, that being the appreciation of the simple things life has to offer. 189 more words

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Staring In To The Blue...

I remember the point where everything changed for me.

Staring at that infuriating blue home screen on a 500 year old computer, with tabs for programmes that I had no clue what they did, on an operating system that went out of date when computers where first invented. 644 more words

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You don’t need to be an extra-ordinary person before you can achieve extraordinary feats in life. In fact, if achievement in life is only for the selected few individuals who have rare opportunities to study in the best universities, highly intelligent, influential and wealthy. 283 more words


Generating Energy

By: Brian Tracy

You may have a thousand different goals over the course of your lifetime, but they all will fall into one of four basic categories. 1,656 more words


Know Who You Really Are!

I love my life!  Life is good to me.  I am always amazed when I see “winks” from the universe that confirms I am in the vortex or very near its proximity and getting drawn in. 440 more words

Mary Ann Pack

Becoming a Person of Integrity

By: Brian Tracy

Integrity is a value, like persistence, courage and industriousness. Even more than that, it is the value that guarantees all the other values. 2,198 more words


Never be too grown up to play! 

How many time in your life have you been told to ‘Grow UP!’ or indeed how many times have you said those words……and what do we mean by this? 367 more words

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