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A time to heal

When I was a senior in high school, I broke my left knee playing flamingo football–boys against the girls. After six weeks on crutches, my leg wrapped in plaster from thigh-top to toe-tips, the day came for cast removal. 394 more words

A Letter of Apology...

Rest. Oh, how I need thee. It has been an incredibly busy year, and it probably will not get any less busy anytime soon. I need to find a place for us to spend time together, Rest. 313 more words

Life Coaching

3 Life Lessons I Learnt From Hiking

3 Life Lessons I Learnt From Hiking

As a fan of the countryside, exercise  and nature, I am often found hiking up mountains. I was surprised how an athletic hobby taught me several life lessons. 1,150 more words

Life Coaching

People Consciousness. What is that?

People Consciousness, a subject I am very passionate about.

What is people consciousness? One’s attitude towards other people.

I find it disheartening that there are many people who don’t exercise tolerance and understanding towards others. 498 more words

168 seeds

Did you know that there are 168 hours in a week?  We have all, no doubt, felt the rush of time, the lack of time, the squeeze of time, but have you ever stopped to calculate how much time you actually have per week?   362 more words

5/21/15 Workout of the Day

5 Rounds:

As Many Rounds As Possible in 3 minutes:

  • 3 Deadlifts (45-135 lbs)
  • 6 Dips (Bars or Bench)
  • 9 Squats

Rest 1 minute between each 3 minute round. 46 more words


Internal Exploration

In a world that keeps us on our toes, our eyes on our phones, and our schedules and calendars full, it is easy to neglect that little feeling in our gut. 480 more words

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