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5th April 2015 - Linda French, Managing Director, Agent, Casting Director, Actress & Life Coach

Linda French shares her exciting story  and success using Law of Attraction to build her business from strength to strength with Coach Rita Hurry . Linda is a great example of the importance of remaining open to the Universe and having faith that things always work out. 24 more words

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Life Is Work

These three words changed my life. One day I woke up to the reality that life really is work. All aspects of it: financial, relationship wise, spiritual… it all entails some level of work; and that’s not a bad thing. 383 more words


Life Coaching? Part 2: The "Training"

Whether you believe in the existence of a guidebook to life or not, undergoing training to become a life coach can make you feel like going through training to become a parent. 518 more words

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Taking the Long Way Home: Embracing Change

A year and a half ago we bought our home in the Northwest side of town. My job at the time was in central Las Vegas at the south end of the Strip. 1,031 more words


15 Signs You’re Born to Be A Free-Thinker by Kirsten Clarkson

Free-thinkers are confident, logical and intelligent. They give birth to their own ideas and resist the dominating mantras of the simple-minded. Having a mind that is free and the courage to express it will often mean free-thinkers have only a few close friends (who are equally interesting and intelligent). 75 more words


Failure Breeds Success

Below is a note I wrote in January of 2014. I had just closed a chapter of my life and was in the process of writing the next. 465 more words


Opening Windows: Mindfulness in self confidence...

Exercise: Mindfulness. Yes common sense is now esoteric! As has always made little sense.

Draw a cross on a sheet of paper. Mark the cardinal directions writing out the full word; North, East, South, West. 378 more words