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Gezondheid: Help, mijn kind lust geen groenten!

Herken je dit?! Help, mijn kind lust geen groente!

Voor veel ouders zal het herkenbaar zijn. Peuters of kleuters die geen groente willen eten, hun bord niet leegeten, alleen maar om snoep vragen… Met misschien veel strijd aan tafel, huilende kinderen, ongeruste ouders. 834 more words


Kidnapped by society - do you have Stockholm syndrome?

Society is sick.

Many of us are sick.

I believe my disease (dis-ease) is a reaction to this sickness. Society represents my parents, my tribe, my teacher. 657 more words

Life Coach

How can I build the life I want?

I have been thinking about this question a lot over the last few weeks.  I have recently completed a year long coaching certification program and am very excited and eager to build my vision and dream of assisting others in discovering and living their greatness.   690 more words

Thought For The Day

Online Dating - Part One - The Power of the Profile Picture

The world of online dating fascinates me.  It is somewhere between a complete mystery to me and a complete form of nightly entertainment.  In the past 3 months, I have started profiles, deleted profiles, and started new profiles.   2,633 more words


How to end an argument in four simple step

In this video, Richard Hellen instructs us on how to be a active listener and gives us an important tool to maintain a long healthy relationship.

A woman you want to f*c$ every night!

Well I’ve been doing an informal and non-scientific inquiry with men I know, in my network, and who I run into and get to talking with. 663 more words


Rainbow To Happiness

Ever since I was a child, I was interested in art.  When my teachers assigned art projects, I didn’t just draw, paint or create what was asked of me. 863 more words