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My America

My America is not perfect.

I’m not perfect either.

But the both of us,

Are hard working.

Willing to learn.


We both have strengths immeasurable. 90 more words

Life Chatter


I love siting at a desk.

More than I love bike riding.

Or kayaking.

Or traveling.

Or singing.

Or hanging out with family and friends. 22 more words

Life Chatter

Before That Phone Call

You have no idea the impact you made on me today.   Truth be told, I don’t know, yet, the full impact you had on me today. 507 more words

Life Chatter

The Good Neighbor, eh

Happy Your Day Canada!

Thanks for being such a lovely neighbor.


Life Chatter

I Like It here

I’ve got no complaints today.

The good Lord saw fit to wake me up.   Give me energy to ride my bike.   Go to work.  Which means I have a job.   141 more words

Life Chatter

You Don't Have To Read This

So my thoughts and feelings on this matter don’t really pertain to anyone but me.  You don’t have to read this.  But I have to write it. 1,124 more words

Life Chatter