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Coming Of Age

I had an opinion today.

Someone was proud of me for expressing it.

Coming of age moment.

Better late than never.

It’s never too late to grow up.

Life Chatter

Behind Your Back

It happens.

Behind your back

Your name is mentioned.

And I can’t help but hear what is said about you.

I thought I should let you know. 46 more words

Life Chatter

I Am Not A Pig

You are a pig.

I am not a pig.

I’ve known this for years.  Why do I know this?  Because you have told me this all through out my formative years.   623 more words

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When They Start To Talk

When they start to talk, what will they say?

A friend of mine was visiting when my children were little.   I was surprised when out of the blue she said I must talk a lot to my children.   259 more words

Life Chatter

I May Doubt

I may not go with confidence,

But assuredly-

I will go!

Life Chatter

Lesson Learned

I once had a college instructor tell me a mind can only absorb what the butt can endure.

I fully subscribe to that philosophy.  Suffice it to say my greatest lessons were not from butt numbing, brain overloading lectures (for which I owe apologies to my own kids).   615 more words

Life Chatter

The Promise I Keep

I’ve never made a promise I intended to break.

I’m sure I’ve made promises I never had the ability to keep.

I have been the receiver of and handler of the brokenness. 55 more words

Life Chatter