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It Was A Simple Thing

It was the simplest thing, really.  I was driving home from work.  And on the sidewalk to my right was a little kid.  She was jump roping, moving forward, like jump rope running down the side walk.   51 more words

Life Chatter

To Not Speak

I scream and can’t be heard

I yell and can’t be heard

I talk and can’t be heard

I whisper and can’t be heard

I become silent. 9 more words

Life Chatter

An Act Of Piercing Something

There is nothing passive


Passive Aggressive.

At all.

A rose doesn’t make a thorn less of a prick.

Life Chatter

The Lord Knows

The Lord knows what I need, at all times.

On the day of rest when I felt a need to charge all of my reserves He started my day off with grey skies.   1,159 more words

Life Chatter

I'd Like To Think

I’d like to think I’m capable of dealing with stress and can handle the fluctuating demands of life that are never predictable, always changing, and constantly unstable.   155 more words

Life Chatter