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Unless You Want To Be Angry

Do not take advice from the angry, the hateful or the bitter.

Life Chatter

Graceful Man

The grace and service of a man


In all of those who’s lives he touched.

Blessed are those lives.

And the lives yet to be touched… 25 more words

Life Chatter

The Child Remains

I looked upon your sleeping face.

And I saw the face of your parent.

Your parent.

Who was my child in their youth.

And remains my child in my heart. 44 more words

Life Chatter

That Mucked Up Moment

I cannot say

I always knew best

Or made the best decisions.

I mucked it up and mucked it up often.

But I can say… 25 more words

Life Chatter

When It's Not Funny

I was quite sad.

When I heard the laughter.

Because it wasn’t funny.

I asked my husband for a word to tag this with and he said: 9 more words

Life Chatter

I Was Watching. I Was Listening.

I still remember the first time-

When I heard you say “I own that”.

It was the easiest lesson I ever learned

About responsibility.

Owning our own mistakes… 29 more words

Life Chatter

Old Luck

If I’m lucky I’m going to happily get older.

If I’m luckier I’m going to age and be able to take care of my physical needs by my self. 94 more words

Life Chatter