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I Let It Be

For a moment today

I sat and stared

As the sun



In the crook of a tree.

And for that moment

I just let it be. 11 more words

Life Chatter

Sometimes You Don't Know How Heavy It Is

When my friend said-

“Let me know how I can help you lighten your load”

I should have said

“You just did”.

Because that’s how it felt… 9 more words

Life Chatter

Goodnight Soldier

Our Veteran Has Gone

His battle is over.

His war has ended.

And now he’s gone.

One more soldier.

One more old man.

One more willing to sacrifice. 33 more words

Life Chatter

Help Is Not Always Work

Every day at work we field calls about helping others.  It’s our job.

Last week I was reminded that helping others is not always work. 375 more words

Life Chatter

When You Get It

That moment

In a learning process

A teaching process.

When all the little moments

Of trying to explain

And trying to understand.

The efforts of putting it together… 46 more words

Life Chatter

Say, Stupid

The worst part is

My mouth is usually running

Off of nervous energy.

When I would rather sit there quietly and absorb.

It pays no mind to my directives… 25 more words

Life Chatter