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Hello Everyone!!

Hello! Honestly, I can’t think of something to say because probably, no one will read this or by chance, care for this. So hello again, I’m Clai. 123 more words


The Barriers of Life

Barriers keep things contained. A barriers does it’s job of keeping things out. Barriers has the ability to divide things. Barriers has the ability to stop things as well as protecting things from harm. 121 more words

Life Changing

6 Documentary Films That Will Make You Want To Change The World

Some people cringe at the mere mention of documentaries. That’s cool, (not really) but there are a few that you should watch at least once in your life. 1,111 more words


You understand a joke spontaneously. Your perception of the humor usually is not analyzed or studied before you simple smile or laugh. No amount of explanation or intellectual analysis can explain to a person who does not have a sense of humor why the joke is funny. 90 more words

Philosophy-Zen Buddhism

Something Good in Day 18: Compliments

I am one of those people who get really embarrassed if anyone ever compliments me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t get complimented all the time, but if I get a ‘well done’ for a piece of work I did, a ‘you look nice today’, or ‘you were great for…’ I tend to respond with ‘thanks, it’s just a report though nothing fancy’, ‘you mean I don’t always (jokingly of course), or ‘anybody would have done it’. 353 more words


I tried

I tried

These couple of months I tried so damn hard to be a good student.

In all honesty I didn’t try my hardest though, I didn’t care about future when I decided to say fuck it and stop studying I just thought about how tried, sleepy, and terrible I felt after hours of cramming. 752 more words


I purged again

I knew it would be soon. I just got depressed…as usual. And i binged on rice balls with seaweed, apple slices, egg whites and my mothers homemade beefaroni. 243 more words