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Chapter 32: Oh boy my muscles hurt on Sundays!

You may think I am distracted by all those fashion ideas and stuff; that I am jumping from one thing to another. You are right – I am distracted from constant brooding about how long it takes to see the results. 213 more words

Extreme Make-over

LAS in the D 2.0

After meetings of planning, going to the LDR 200 class to inform the freshman class, and traveling down to Detroit for my Lead Team on March 27th; I was able to see my Mint team’s success. 428 more words


Mindjacking Pt. 2 Personality Traits

Well, here we are again, apparently mindjacking is a big topic right now, so by popular demand, I’m gonna touch on the variations that I have come across in the last 40 years on the planet.

via Mindjacking Pt. 2 Personality Traits.


When I stand in Sydney

This post is heavily based on the assumption I will reach Sydney; without such a belief, I probably wouldn’t. As William Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right… 904 more words

Live Adventurously

Synergy ~

Jesus, I want with You,
a bond that is active
I want it to be alive
effectual and effective.

I want it to be energetic, 123 more words

Christian Poetry

A quick update.

I sit here revising for my finals which are exactly one month away from now.
This final month will decide my future.
This final month will decide where I lead too. 56 more words

Frequency Shifting Pt 3: Your Environmental Suit

Frequencies and wave patterns are the same as thought waves and thought patterns, just getting that out there for a quick once over, now moods and minds sets are products of these waves and patterns; you know that thing that is referred to as your aura? 16 more words